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Hi there, thanks for visiting my profile page! You are probably here after reading a portion of my story. So I hope that I can provide you with a little bit of a background as to who I am and how I came to write my story.

First off, I love all things Pokemon! All generations no exceptions. My personal favorite is the advance saga, mainly because I really enjoyed the Nintendo Gamecube console games Coliseum and XD.

I also love to write, so I am working on creating a Pokemon Fanfiction called \"Gift of the Protector\" spanning at least 3 arcs as a creative side project of mine. The story\'s plot is centered around the Embrace Pokemon #282, Gardevoir. However it is not a--shall we say strictly conventional--tale of the Pokemon and trainer. While I understand Gardevoir fictions may have a certain reputation, I kindly request that you do not judge my topic of choice until reading through my story.

A Full Pronunciation Guide to various words and names in my story for your convenience:

Alterieno: alt-air-rhino

Arcturus: ark-TOO-rus

Ashiel: AH-shheel

Carese: Ker-REES (final syllable rhymes with \'breeze\')

Ein: Ee-in

Engelhart: anGAL-heart

Evarettium: ehVAR-ret-tie-um (second syllable rhymes with ‘pet’)

Feyera: FI-RAH (The \'eye\' sounds just like the thing you use to read.) \'Fira\' is also a possible way to pronounce it.

Irving: ERV-ing

Luxaira: lux-AIR-Ah


When referring to the rare earth element: mer-cure-US

When referring to the “Reilken Mercurius”: RELK-kin mer-cure-I-us (last syllables sound like \'curious\')

Psyonics: sy-ON-iks

Progenitor: pro-gen-i-tor

Prevoy: pree-VOY (first syllable rhymes with \'spree\')

Rallsen: rall-sin (first syllable rhymes with ‘wall’)

Reilken: RELK-kin (elk sounds like the species of deer, while kin is pronounced like “next of ‘kin’”)

Relius: rell-lee-us (first syllable rhymes with ‘bell\')

Renault: ree-NAULT (second syllable rhymes with ‘vault’)

Samson: SAM-s\'n

Sana: SAh-na

Sanaria: SAH-naria (second syllable is the same as ‘aria’ [AR-e-ah] the expressive sung melody with an \'N\' in front)

Seph: seff (rhymes with \'Jeff\')

Sephiteos: sef-FIGHT-Tee-Ohs

Sleye: sal-EYE

Tevis: teh-vice

thas: thAhs (like \'thus\' but with a short \'Ah\' rather than a \'u\')

veh: vAy (long \'A\' rhymes with \'they\')

As for the Latin names of a Pokemon\'s Genus and Species you\'re on your own since it is actual Latin and unspoken. Try to be creative with it!


ARMOS: Automatic Route Maintaining Operational System (Used in most nautical and aero vehicles as a means of position tracking and guidance)

DBC: Department of Biological Conservation (Division of Silph Co.)

IPF: International Police Force (Originally the Kanto Police)

KNRA/KRA: Kanto (New) Republic Army

LDT: Long Distance Telepathy

RAIL:Rail Aligning Ion Launcher (top of the line technological firearm)

Chronological order of the tale in relation to spin offs / one-shots:

\"Fractured Unity\" is the first arc, serving as an exposition for the tale. This is followed by arc two titled \"Pristine Embrace\". The main story begins in \"Pristine Embrace\", although it will frequently refer back to events that took place in \"Fractured Unity\". \"Pristine Embrace\" also contains a single flashback chronologically predating \"Fractured Unity\" completely as its prologue.

As for spin-offs and one shots, I make them canon. Therefore, the idea to call them \"lost chapters\" has come to mind thanks to a good friend. They are called this because they provide information that is necessary only if you want to fully understand the mature dynamics between my characters. Plot won\'t be damaged per se by not reading them, but it will be enriched. So far the lost chapter \"Sometimes it Hurts\" occurs very early on within the second arc, and it does not have a particular position between chapters. It is a chapter written in first person, much like the very first chapter to \"Fractured Unity\".

*The rest of this section is real-estate for when I write more.*

History behind the story:

A while ago, I played through Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon XD, and I went though the games in a Nuzlocke Challenge. In doing so, I became attached to some of my Pokemon and decided to write a story based upon my experiences in both games along with an ample dose of creativity. This was the first time the idea of writing a Fanfiction came to mind.

However, a mere rendition of an experience I had wasn\'t enough for me. I wanted to generate a world parallel to the Pokemon universe where the danger was more realistic than it is portrayed in the games. For in a Nuzlocke Challenge, death is a very possible outcome. More so, I wanted to maintain adventure as a part not overshadowed by survival, but instead realized through such struggles to survive.

The story itself took a few dark turns, and eventually I made the decision to morph it into a massive Fanfiction. I dropped the Nuzlocke aspect and replaced the Pokemon world with an Alternate Universe. If you need convincing, I\'ll tell you right off the bat that I picked a grass starter during my in game play-through of FireRed. Also, all save two Pokemon in my story never even existed in my game cartridge\'s party. The only aspect of a Nuzlocke challenge that remains present in my story is the mortality of Pokemon. So no worries, you will not be reading about my video game journey through Kanto and Orre. I can guarantee you that Gift of the Protector is much more interesting!

Adding in a large plot was the easy part. Getting the details the way I wanted them proved challenging at times. While some parts are less than happy, I believe that tragedy allows for triumph. I make this concept present in my story.

My other main goal was to write a story about my favorite Pokemon, Gardevoir. Ever since my first exposure to the species, I have held a steady fascination with the Pokemon.

I realized that I could have easily made my story based in the Hoenn Region, but wanted to avoid the moderately clichč pairing of a female Ralts and a male trainer. I utilized my plot to make a shipping more dramatic and a little more realistic. Most of the romantic aspects make themselves present in due time, I don\'t like to rush in my writing. I prefer to flesh out details, characters, and their relationships. I hope you find the authenticity enjoyable.

The story has some nice surprises and a few of the chapters I am quite pleased with. This story will continue to develop over time.

I cannot do my story and its constituents justice in a few brief paragraphs but I hope that I have convinced you to at least check out Gift of the Protector if you haven\'t already.

I am revising the story\'s second arc, \"Pristine Embrace\", a bit more, and should publish it on here very soon. A rough draft is currently up on my Deviant Art page. Anything I post on my FF account is finalized, whereas I use DA as more of a preliminary zone for my work. That\'s not to say I do not expect criticism from either front.

Please, if you feel called to, help me improve my writing by reading and reviewing! That would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

Additionally, besides Pokemon I have been writing a fictional story titled \"Accelerated Horizon\" a tale about a young man who receives his only wish, but at a terrible price. I will update this story separately on a account.

About Me:

I am a college student. I study economics and mathematics, but I like to write on the side. I\'m not a great visual artist at all (I\'m really bad!), but I\'ve been giving digital artwork a try by using programs like GIMP and Open Canvas. I enjoy playing video games. I also enjoy watching movies.

Favorite movies:

The Godfather, The Adjustment Bureau, Inception, Back to the Future, Batman: The Dark Night, The Matrix, Casablanca, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, 3:10 to Yuma, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, Limitless. As far as genres go, I like any Action, Adventure, or Sci-fi movie.

Favorite bands / musical artists:

Within Temptation, Avenged Sevenfold, Pendulum, Evanescence, Head Automatica, Rufio, Sleigh Bells, Escala, Dream Theater, Muse, Nightwish, Metallica, Primal Fear, Symphonic Rock, Video Game Music, Electronic

Legal jargon:

All literature I, Edge Feyera, write and publish here or elsewhere portraying any character from the franchise of Pokemon is strictly done in the vein of Fanfiction. I do not own Pokemon nor do I hope to profit from the franchise\'s creation(s). Pokemon and all its related content and characters are Copyright 1995-2011 to Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, and finally The Pokemon Company.

Wow, you\'re still here:

Thanks for visiting me, and I hope to hear your thoughts on my story. I\'m very approachable (at least on the internet) so send me a message or drop me a line, I\'ll be sure to respond to you as soon as I possibly can! Oh and be warned, I send lengthy PMs.



Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Mild Adult Situations, Mild Violence
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Summary: Mister Christian Feyera was an aspiring young Pokemon Researcher, until the accident two years ago took away a fraction of his memory. Tired of his current dead-end job, he experiences vivid dreams urging him to interact with Pokemon again. What better way than going on an adventure with them? This arc is the exposition to a massive storyline that isn't your average Gardevoir tale.
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