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This is an account for a series of Twilight related fan fictions I am currently working on. I feel like maybe I need to give a little back ground into both myself and what I am personally trying to accomplish here.

I got into the Twilight fandom rather late in the game. It wasn\'t until a friend of mine who is a huge fan of the whole franchise dragged me to see New Moon in the theater that I got into the phenomenon.

But admittedly I probably do the fandom wrong! *laughs*

I LOVE Jacob Black and the wolf pack and to be completely honest have very little interest in Bella or Edward or any of the vampire characters.

I hated Breaking Dawn with a passion, in fact I personally couldn\'t even stomach finishing the book, I really felt like Jacob\'s character was destroyed over the course of the story. It broke my heart. I love Jake, and I really wanted much more for him then he was given.

So probably being rather pompous I have decided to write my own version of what happens to Jacob.

Everything in the regular Twilight series is canon up until Edward and Bella\'s wedding and I changed everything after that.

Also imprinting is completely different. The nuances of it will be explained over the course of the story, but it only happens when the wolf boy has sex with their imprint for the first time so no one imprints on children, so Quil has not imprinted yet.

Also this series involves a lot of original characters including love interests for canon characters, just in case this isn\'t your kind of thing.

If you decide to read this enjoy and thank you!!

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Songs of the Moon book 1:

Twilight Series

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Summary: AU story. Jacob destroyed himself after he lost Bella to Edward, but maybe it's finally time for him to realize his own potential and the incredible man he is destined to become. Jacob and OC.
Published: 08/22/12 | Updated: 08/22/12