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OK. first of, my name is Kassie, but I go by Raine.
I like many things, I also hate(Strong word, sorry.) -edit- dislike many things. My hobbies include drawing, listening to music, hanging out with friends, pestering my older brother about being a stoner. My dreams are pretty much between me and a few other people that I trust the most.

I have accounts on quizilla and Lunaescence. All of my stories will be under PlacesForBreathing on, -Secrets Untold- on or Fossil Roo -The Lost- here on

All others are plagerized!

If you find any of my stories anywhere else, please contact me at

I am an only girl out of 5 boys...they are all half brothers and we all share the same mom....except one.
My favorite colors are aqua, crimson and silver.
I like playing video games and drawing. I like anime, currently I am watching Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Avatar, and a weird show called Pucca.

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