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Name: eiji-no-hime
Alias: Nakagauchi Hitsuzen
Status: Member
Join Date: 08/09/12
Last Logged In: 08/26/12
Skin: Autumn_Red
same height as Ryoma, in real life...
plays volleyball, loves watching soccer matches on TV...

Favorite PoT school are Seigaku and Rikkai Dai.
Most love ouji is Kikumaru Eiji.
Most hated is Wakato Hiroshi.

black eyes, black hair.
Asian and proud of it.

loves other anime such as Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Naruto and Shaman King.

World History freak.
Loves Hallyung. Hates Summer at its peak.
Favorite place is Hokkaido.
Best of place is the beach.

Likes someone who has beautiful eyes.
Someone who looks and smells nice.
Someone who can cook even though not gourmet.

Hates arrogant and narcissistic people.
Cruel and rude.

Writes, draw, sings, dances, play the bass and drums.
Eats chocolate cake. French Fries. Fish n Chips.

Sucker for peach tea and peach juice.

loves Gokudera Hayato most, then the rest of the Vongola Famiglia follows.


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