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Aye. We are Inu and Ussa; we work together to create fan-fiction stories and original fan-fiction stories for you all to enjoy! We are not currently posting anything as we are still working on our main story \'Unlucky & Lonely\'. Also, this is the link to our Fiction Press profile:

Future Stories~


Rin Chiasa finds a cat. Said cat is a sexy demon boy. She doesn\'t know. Of course, if you have a demon cat-turned-boy, you would think it would get you into some trouble. Of course it does.
P.S The blog included in our profile was made specifically for this story! It\'s still in the making, and we are currently not going to post any chapters yet. Please wait patiently!~

All about Ussa (Well, the basics.)

(=\'.\') Yo.

Hello I\'m Ussa, the girl who types up mostly everything that we me and Inu write. Well, no sense in blabbing. So basically, I guess you can say I\'m pretty weird/creepy. Heh (=_=), so true. I\'m pretty obsessed with K-POP, more then Inu. Not obsessed enough to fly half way around the world to see K-POP groups though...unless if they are in Australia. I looove gaming. Like Allods Online, Aion, Dragonfable, God of War, Soulcaliber, Tekken, Animal Crossing...and a whole lot more that I forgot at the moment are some games I avidly play. I warn you, I passed Titan mode on God of War I/II/III! I\'m usually pretty calm. Or in spastic babble mode. Or infected-with-happy-virus mood. Or even I\'m going to kill you slowly...with a ripping out your guts mode.

Random: I fear a lot of things. The dark, hallways, mirrors, ghosts, zombies, knives, doctors, heights, dentists, mascots, puppets, mannequins, windows, swimming, crowded places, small spaces, large spaces are to name a...few.

(=\'.\') Peace peoples

All about Inu (Probably.)

ᶘᵒᴥᵒᶅ Woof.

Yes, this guy is a pedobear, but also a dog. Get it? I don\'t.-Ussa
HIYA! I\'m Inu, the guy who throws in ideas and the editor. Well I guess I\'m pretty bad with intros but I\'ll try my best. Well to start with, I\'m a lil shy with new people, but I enjoy talking with people.I always listen to music, like 24/7, and I\'m always dancing. I guess you could say I\'m an okay dancer and I specialise in \'Street Dance\' Like popping, tutting and bboying (not that into bboying). Erm. I also play quite a bit of games but I can\'t right now because my laptop is being (shitty) gay. But I usually play MMOs such as Flyff, Shaiya, Maplestory, Wonderkings and other stuff.

Cyas and enjoy our stories please

ᶘᵒᴥᵒᶅ Bow-wow.

( ▽ ` )ノ

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