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Name: FallenLullaby
Alias: Hiari
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Hey. I\'m Hiari.
Let\'s see...I\'m fourteen, I have chest length black hair, and dark brown eyes.
I wear glasses. I\'m in ninth grade.
I love to read, write, draw, play clarinet, read manga, and watch anime.
I love romantic Shoujo manga; I find it so adorable. My favorite anime is Hetalia.
My favorite manga is Kuroshitsuji. I ship Hetero pairings.
I don\'t have a huge problem with most Yaoi/Yuri fans.
I am obsessed with Hetalia.
My favorite Hetalia character is Russia.
My favorite song is \'Give Me A Sign\' by Breaking Benjamin.
I am a complete Grammar Nazi.

I\'m a huge fan of Reader-Inserts (only Hetalia ones, though).