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Hey there.
Okay, so let\'s see..

Ah, yes. I am slightly familiar with this site, and I just love the stories on here, and I\'m quite the fan of lemons. However, have not had the time to write one. I hope to change this. ;)

(Edit: I\'m Working on a Latvia x Reader Twoshot with a lemon. They\'ll be submitted once the site is allowing the submissions again.)-11/28/12-

I have an account on DeviantART. I\'m known as TehZombieCupcake there.

I have an account on FanFiction.Net. I\'m ArmageddonSweetheart there.

And lastly, I have an account on YouTube, and though I have not posted any videos, I like to make countless playlists for music. I am known as TehZombieCupcake on there as well.

I have recently been on a break from art, reading, writing, and things of the like because I haven\'t had the time, unfortunately.

I\'m just getting into the swing of life again, and I\'ll be busier than ever, and will definitely be writing and this will be where I will post my racier writings. I\'ve only written a hot and heavy make-out scene once, but was told that it was quite good.

Now, on, I have written a couple stories, and they are in a slow process, and I haven\'t had the desire to finish them lately, but I will eventually. I might even further revise them and post them here.

I really want to delete my old accounts on other sites and just start over on a new one, but I\'m sure that would be a pain in the ass, and I\'ll have to make due until I have several hours to screw around with email accounts, passwords, and the other crap that goes along with it.

I\'ll add more to my bio later, but until then, I\'mma get all snuggly here, welcome you to my profile, and get to writing. :)

Some fandoms and interests:









Romance(Love me some good citrus.)


Apocalypse Theories and Settings

Oh, I prefer reader inserts and stuff along the lines of that. I\'m slightly warming up to yaoi, but yuri is still not in my comfort zone.

Umm, I\'ll be revising my bio just because I write awkwardly and have to fix everything five trillion times to feel comfortable with it.

So until then, ciao hunnies~

Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Sexual Situations
Main Characters: Reader
Genres: Lemon | Story Types: Alternative Universe
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 5262 words | Complete: No

Summary: ReaderxTaller!Latvia

Raivis's 16th birthday. Surprise!

Lemon(In part two.). AU. Two-Shot.
Published: 12/23/12 | Updated: 12/30/12

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