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Hello everyone! You can call me Ryuu n_n

I was directed to this site by a friend of mine, and since I love sharing my written work with as many people as possible, I thought there was no harm in giving it a try! I am also a part of the fanfiction dot net community, as well as the deviantart community. On ff dot net I am known as BlackRoseDragon13, and on DA as SuiginRyuuFanfics, Please do not accuse me of stealing - all three of these profiles are run by me, Rachael, and I will have confirmation of such in all descriptions on each site.

As for this site in particular, I will likely be only uploading my Itachi x Hinata and Sasuke x Hinata fanfics from the anime/manga Naruto, for multiple reasons. First and foremost, these two pairings are my favorites, and as such I really only write them anymore. Secondly, my writing has matured gratuitously since I began writing fanfiction, and especially once I adopted those two pairings into my heart. So, I think it in everyone\'s best interested that I only upload these fics to this site. If you want to read my older work, you may visit my ff dot net page, which has ALL of my published work. Again, my penname there is BlackRoseDragon13. My DA account has most of my stories, but I did leave out a few that are much older and, in my personal opinion, not up to my current standards. And, once more, that account is SuiginRyuuFanfics.

Anyway, now that I\'ve gotten the \"business\" portion of this bio done, let me do a little talking about me! I\'m Rachael, aka Ryuu. I\'m currently 21 years old, female, and a writer of Naruto fanfiction. I have many other fandoms, but none that I feel I know well enough to write quality fanfiction for, nor that I ship anything often enough to really have the passion to write fics for. I live with my mother and brother, and spends most of my time writing both fanfiction, and my original work that I hope to publish in the future. I love to write (obviously ;P), read, draw, sing, bake, cook, hike, and many other activities that could take up this whole page!

Well, I guess that about sums things up...I hope you enjoy my writing, and I hope to find stories by others that I can enjoy as well!



Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Hinata, Itachi, Sasuke
Genres: Drama, Fluff, Friendship, General, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Holiday
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 3561 words | Complete: No

Summary: Konoha High School has something new going on for Valentine's Day: something called Data Match. Hinata is hoping for be paired with her crush Naruto, but things are not going to go the way she plans. Rated 13+, some crack pairings.
Published: 12/10/12 | Updated: 12/29/12