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Plots In Progress (Ideas I have not yet started) //
Trapped Between Blood-Stained Walls | Death Note |Beyond BirthdayxReaderxL
Dead Bird About To Sing | YYH | ReaderxHiei
Crossing Lines and Boundaries | YYH | ReaderxKoenma
Emotions Held In Silence | YYH | HieixReaderxKurama
Keep On Breathing | Xenosaga | Readerxchaos
A Stalking Distance Away | Naruto | ReaderxSai
as well as several original ideas and Criminal Minds cases.

If you would like to recommend a fanfiction to me to read, these are several of my favorite characters:
Spencer Reid | Criminal Minds
Castiel | Supernatural
L | Death Note
Near | Death Note
Sai | Naruto
Sasori | Naruto
Jin | Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama | Yu Yu Hakusho
Bakura | Yu-Gi-Oh!
Marik | Yu-Gi-Oh!
Ryou | Yu-Gi-Oh!
Sephiroth | Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children
Vincent Valentine | Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children
Auron | Final Fantasy X
Sync the Tempest | Tales of the Abyss
chaos | Xenosaga