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Well, what to say? I have no clue.

Anyways, my work will be posted here and on DeviantART. So don\'t worry if you see anything on here that you may of also seen on there, trust me same person.~ :)

Ever want me to write something? Hit me up!~ I take requests for quite a lot such as;; Supernatural, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who (sort of), A good bit of YouTubers, American Horror Story (Eh, why not? :p), Rise of the Guardians, Being Human U.K, Hetalia, Bleach, Naruto, and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Don\'t be shy! I don\'t bite, unless you like that...which is different.

Meh, about me. Well, my name is Lexy and hoping to become a YouTuber. Why not? I\'m not a popular kid at school, not even close. More like the kid that doesn\'t mind being weird and being myself. I\'m really odd, but don\'t mind it. I accept everyone, no matter what. Yet I live by; You respect me, I\'ll respect you. Otherwise we might have a bit of a problem. I won\'t be an ass, but I wont respect you as much.

Want to ask me shit? Why not? I\'m extremely open and don\'t mind questions.

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