Member Profile: Evangeline
Name: Evangeline
Alias: Evan B. Vicus
Status: Member
Join Date: 02/08/13
Last Logged In: 02/08/13
Skin: Shuriken

Name: Evangeline B. Vicus

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Nickname: Evan

Species: Demi-god

Height: 4\'1\"

Weight: .... 52.4 lbs


Personality: Unhygienic, quiet, playful, anti-hero, elegant at times (when her Princess side takes over), other times rude and buggy.

Likes: Chimichangas, tea parties, pizza, coffee, strawberries, fire (is a pyromaniac, sometimes considered a pyrophiliac), , , and .

Dislikes: Tomato, lemonade, limeade, and SubWay sandwiches, chewing with your mouth open, double dipping food, birds tapping on her window, smacking gum, YOLO, Swag, and everyone.

Fears: Boys, birds, fish (keeps distance from Hydras), flying fish, swimming birds (ducks), looking up, and monkeys.

Talents: Playing instruments, conducting scientific experiments, modeling, singing, impersonating others, stealing, pick-locking, hand stands, eating, sleeping.

Religion: Satanist

FUN FACT!: Somehow, Deadpool is her cousin, and a cat named Oliver is her nephew. SHE HAS A DAMN BROTHER!


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