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Name: OmNomNomAttack
Status: Member
Join Date: 02/20/13
Last Logged In: 04/06/14
Skin: Autumn_Red
Noms: Hi, there. I am OmNomNomAttack. Call me Noms or Nommy, or Fluffington. I really don\'t mind.

Seven: Hey, I\'m Seven, a figment of Nom\'s imagination. I\'ll pop in from time to time, and I\'ll always have Miku with me.

Miku: *please note Miku is a mute and also another figment of Nom\'s imagination*

Seven: Yeah, she\'s kind of quiet, but she\'s crazy, aren\'t you Mikki?

Miku: *smacks Seven*

Seven: That\'s right, Miku hates that nickname... Anyway, see ya round!

Noms: Now that\'s over... *sigh*

Noms is:
- First and foremost a random chicklet.
- A Potterhead.
- A Greendale Human Being.
- A That 70\'s Show Fan.
- A Bro.
- Female.
- A State Alchemist.
- A Vault Hunter.
- An Active.
- A member of Funeral Parlour / Undertaker.
- Part of the Hellsing Orginisation.
- Spiderman
- A VRMMORPG enthusiast.
- A weapon.
- Part of Fat Sam\'s Gang.
- A fanfiction author.
- An aspiring Director.
- An actor.
- A music lover.

Top Three Favourite Movies:
3. The Castle
2. Speed Racer
1. Spiderman (1, 2 & 3)

My Favourite TV Show(s) is:
- Community
- That 70\'s Show

My Favourite Anime and Manga:
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Sword Art Online
- Yu-Gi-Oh
- Angel Beats
- Soul Eater
- Guilty Crown
- Pita Ten
- Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
- Animatrix
- Hellsing
- Pokemon

My Favourite Pairings:
- Annie / Abed (Community) {OTP}
- Britta / Troy (Community)
- Jackie / Donna (That 70\'s Show)
- Ling Yao / Lan Fan (Full Metal Alchemist)
- Spiderman [Peter Parker] / Mary-Jane Watson (Spiderman)
- Lilith / Mordecai (Borderlands)
- Kirito / Lisbeth (Sword Art Online)
- Piggeh / Mr Chair (PewDiePie)
- Amy / Eleven (Doctor Who)
- Ginny / Hermione (Harry Potter)
- Tallulah / Fat Sam (Bugsy Malone)
- Knuckles / Fat Sam (Bugsy Malone)
- Shu / Hare (Guilty Crown)
- Alucard / Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
- Kanade / Otonashi (Angel Beats!)
- Yuri / Otonashi (Angel Beats!)
- Patti / Kidd / Liz (Soul Eater)
- Topher / Whiskey (Dollhouse)
- Sierra / Victor (Dollhouse)

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