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The song Pain by three days grace describes me best because I\'ve not found love, looked for it but not found it and to fill the void I put myself through tons and tons of pain.

I like to think I\'m tough, that\'s what I like to think but in reality I\'m kind of a wimp.

I can\'t stand all these rabid fangirls that I dont know, if I know you or sympathize with you its fine but otherwise it\'s just so common.

I love my friends, if you don\'t care keep it to yourself PLEASE

I have a story in my head and a song in my heart
the story makes me laugh the song makes it hard to breath (I know what you were expecting but I like to keep you on your toes)

I honestly have an idea for a story in my head if only I could get it on a screen somewhere then I\'d be happy.

I love Kiba Inuzuka with all his animal tendecies, fangirls it\'s okay if you like him just dont tell me about it because then I\'ll have to kill you

This is it if you were hoping for more
well you\'ll just have to wait because I\'ve got more in store
My mind is now battered from all of this pain
so read and review and we\'ll do this again. (just something I\'m thinking about putting at the end of my stories)

I wish people would stop asking me if I want something. Yeah I want something, I want this dang writers block to back off. I want my damn computer to stop messing up my stories.

Until next time...

Enough is enough
I cant get enough
I like it rough
\'cause I\'d rather feel pain than nothing at all

I turned seventeen a while back

so yesh I am consenting age

guess what

come on guess

I\'\'m gonna tell you any way

right on cue for the new school year a new story cropped up in my head



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