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You may call me Leah if you prefer, but most people on this as well as my other site refer to me as Akasha. I\'m a fairly new writer (Only been writing for about a year now) and I just decided to move here after my stay on quzilla. Even though I only have one story posted on here now, I have two others that go along with this one however they cannot come out until this one is finished because they follow the same timeline. So for all of you Kurama/ Yusuke fans, as well as any readers that are interested in From the Ashes of Despair, you MUST read the other two stories before you can move on to the sequal...which hasn\'t even been written yet.

Now, a little about my current story, From the Ashes of Despair. It is the very first story that I proudly call my own and take 100 credit for. I am currently editing it and tweaking differents parts of it, hoping that it will make even more sense now than it did when I first posted it. So please bear with me if some of the chapters take longer to release than others, because some of them need a lot of work. I don\'t own the YYH Characters, but Sahara as well as Kagami belong to me, so if you see them used anywhere or this story posted anywhere else, please alert me at once. I have never given anyone the right to post my story or use my character and would like to know if this sort of thing goes on.

I\'ve also posted a prequel one shot to this series called \"The Smoke of Her Burning\". This entails quite a bit of history and has a slight Koenma/Sahara romance and how they came to be the people that they are now. If you are a Koenma fan, you should definitely check it out!

The other story that I wrote is a one shot called \"Haunting Passion\". This was written for a very good friend of mine\'s YuGiOh contest on quizilla some time ago and I have decided to move it over here. This character was created by her, however, the story is all mine. Its a Seto Kaiba romance/tragedy so I hope you enjoy it.

I would really appreciate any messages, reviews, or any kind of CONSTRUCTIVE Criticsm any of you are able to offer me. However, some days I am not able to get on here very much or at all, so if I don\'t reply to you as soon as I get it, please don\'t hold it against me. Also note that I will not beg you for your opinion, if you want something done or fixed you must voice it yourself because I am not and do not claim to be a mind reader. Note that any and all flames will be totally and completely ignored. I do not do well with those who continually talk down to people and I will take the appropriate action if needed.

Well, I think that\'s pretty much all you need to know about me for now, again, do not hesitate to message or leave your comments in the review box. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Death, OOC, Spoilers, Suicide
Main Characters: Botan, Hiei, Keiko, Koenma, Kurama, Kuwabara, Original Character(s), Other, Yukina, Yusuke
Genres: Action, Adventure, Angst, Death, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Tragedy, War | Story Types: General
Length: 7 chapter(s) / 25878 words | Complete: No

Summary: Two years after her assumed death and the destruction of her benevolent kingdom, rumors are spreading about Makai that the princess of the Toki people is very much alive... But why would she resurface now? Koenma wants answers...and he knows just the team to find those answers.
Published: 02/10/08 | Updated: 07/30/09

Rated: Adult | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Death, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Suicide
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Seto Kaiba, Yuugi
Genres: Angst, Death, Drama, General, Lemon, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Death-Fic, General, Lemon, One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 8690 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: After being away from Japan for over a year, Hazuki Ogino is back, trying to live her live once again. However, being back in this all to familiar town brings back memories....and the residual feelings that are still attached to them.
Published: 03/13/08 | Updated: 03/13/08
Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Botan, Koenma
Genres: Angst, Friendship, General, Hentai, Other, Romance, Tragedy | Story Types: General, Lemon, One Shot, Other
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 7019 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: When coming to a crossroads in one’s life, the person must ask themselves all the appropriate questions. Who does my decision affect? Is it the best possible action? What is it that I want? Sahara’s mind has begun to smolder with these and many more questions. If undecided, these decisions can cultivate an inferno that will destroy her mind and heart…leaving only the hollowed shell to remain.
Published: 05/14/08 | Updated: 05/23/08