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Hiya, I'm Jessica, I prefer Jessy though, I'm called so many different things, most of them aren't particularly nice like wrists, cuts, emo, scars and alchie.

So I am 15 years young! Born on the 22nd of May 1998.

My lifes well, my life is, I guess you could call it, strange...

My dad left when with his girl friend on my 5th birthday, he left me with a pink bicycle, now I try to make him like me, just make him say I love you to me once... I don't like his girlfriend or his girlfriends daughter and they don't like me, so that makes the world simple.

Oh and I am bi-polar! That's pretty cool though, I am well, naturally even with the whole bi-polar thing a very weak healthed girl, it sucks and I take nine different sets of tablets in the morning and evening...

I really like writing and reading and drawing!

I love doctor who, Angel, and anime, mostly bleach on the anime side after all it is my addiction!

So yeah Kisuke Urahara is my daddy, Alf is my big brother along with Arthur, and Francis, and Matty! And I have also kidnapped Insanity and added her into the mix for a bit of good luck!

My Idol is Mads Mikklesen! Closely followed by Miranda Kerr! And David Boreanaz and his Wife Jamie! And the Last would be the Master Of Horror Himself Darren Shan!And SxePhil, or Philip Defranco, he's amazing, and such a good guy to look up to!

What else Can I say, you know me now, not my full name, but you know my absolute game! Shoot me a message if you want to talk, I'm always here and I love new people!

Oh and by the way, don't insult my work anonymously, wanna complain then do it with a username, I am so sick of people calling me names from behind an anonymous name, from behind a screen.


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