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Hello! I'm a new author, though I've written quite a bit I've never really uploaded. I decided to start with Luna because its a bit lesser known, and I prefer the writing styles of the stories here. My name is actually Catriona, and because its pretty uncommon I was able to have it as a penname, lucky me.

I have a lot of interests and jump around them frequently, I quickly lose interest in things, so don't expect too many ongoing stories, I'll mostly do oneshot or drabble series in the style of reader inserts.

I might upload old stories, I might not. Right now, its looking to be mainly Left 4 Dead 2 and a bunch of random shit. I'll be on my blog frequently, so if you want contact go there.

Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead II

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Angst, Coarse Language, Crude Humor, Death, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Femslash, Mild Sexual References, Mild Slash, Mild Violence, Product of High Sugar Intake, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Slash, Strong Language
Main Characters: Reader, Various, You
Genres: Angst, Death, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Gay Romance, General, Humor, Post-apocalyptic | Story Types: Death-Fic, Drabble, Ficlet, General, Reader Insert
Length: 6 chapter(s) / 2739 words | Complete: No

Summary: Sure, there's a lot of suffering in the zombie apocalypse. People dying and all that.

But when you're with this group, its hard to suffer all of the time.

(but that doesn't mean a bit of drama isn't a breath of fresh air every once in a while)

A series of drabbles [ReaderxVarious]
Published: 01/13/14 | Updated: 04/23/14
Kill la Kill

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crude Humor, Erotica, Fluff, Mature Content, PWP, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations
Main Characters: Other, Uzu Sanageyama, You
Genres: Lemon, Martial Arts, Other | Story Types: Lemon, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2359 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: When he pulls shit like this he's hard to love.
But he's even harder to hate.
Published: 01/26/15 | Updated: 03/08/15

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