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I probably need meds, but who can spare two shits in today's economy?

sort of in love with every badass, smart alec, and jackwagon on this green Earth

I used to want to be a pirate with a huge ship, but I'm content with eating too much and watching hours of YouTube... for now *cue dramatic, yet compelling music*

PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE ZODIACS, INCLUDING MY BITCHASS SIGN, GEMINI yep I'm a changeable screw up with a temper problem... and a cruel sense of humor

I have a slight urge to start a cult... not a creepy varsity-cheer-group cult but a creepy holy-shit-run-for-the-hills-the-bitchherd-is-here cult

fandoms supported:

SPN Fandom (totally not at all having to do with Dean's perky nipples *coughs awkwardly*)
Tolkien Fandom
and everything inbetween because I'm too lazy to decide on what all I like. It'd take me ages longer than it took Raven to explain to the Teen Titans what all she can do with her magical powers...

Did I mention that, if Ellen DeGeneres, Raven from DC Comics, Adam Sandler, Chandler from Friends, Dean Winchester, and Joss Whedon had a love child that the magnificent creature would be my spirit animal? No? Oh, then don't mind me.

and, if you can't tell, I love profanities. I apologize if this offends you, but I am incapable of feeling sorrow, so you'll only have my word.

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