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Hi! :) I'm really quite normal. I go to high school, I have a few very dear friends that I would risk my life for and I would hurt someone if they ever hurt my friends. I love anime and my most favorites are Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Trigun, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan and Fate Zero. I've watched a lot of other anime but these are my favorite and the list will more than likely grow in time. I also really love animals, especially cats and foxes. I love to read and that's the main reason I decided to join this site. The other two are: I found an author I liked and plan to follow her stories. I'm also writing a story but I probably won't post it until it's halfway finished. That's all. (Until there's more)

General Fiction, Science-Fiction

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Summary: This I based off of a dream I had and my friends and I are considering turning it into a story. Its probably going to take a while but hopefully you'll find it interesting, that is if you think it could inspire something worth reading. I'm mostly putting the dream up for background info. and to hopefully hear some opinions on the subject matter.
Published: 02/22/15 | Updated: 03/11/15