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Romance, Fantasy

Rated: Adult | Warnings: Death, Sexual Situations, Suicide, Torture, Violence
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Supernatural | Story Types: Other
Length: 3 chapter(s) / 2852 words | Complete: No

Summary: A feud between the vampires and the slayers had been going on for more than anyone can remember. Slayers on the side of good, vampires on the side of evil. Helena, the leader and the most powerful slayer of all, gave her life away to keep Lord Raynor from ruling the earth, for if he obtained her power, his rule would be definate. Many, many centuries later, Erin Anderson, Helena's reincarnation, was born. The day she turns 20, she will discover the power that Helena passed down to her... which brings her life into total jeopardy. Will she survive the hunt for her life? Or will the vampires capture her and rule the earth forever? Thanks for reading.
Published: 02/11/08 | Updated: 03/09/08