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Hey guys sorry my profile has been kinda blank- okay, okay it was totally blank but that\'s only because I\'m working very hard on my stories. I always feel like i need to improve somewhere so that\'s what I\"ll be doing.

Lmao, I\'m completely mental. Feel free to look me up on gaia, my username and crap are still the same. I wonder where all my eloquence has gone :sweatdrop:

(I\'ll be sure to add more to this later but I\"m kinda busy at the moment)

Upcoming Stories!

The thing about love
It was devastating enough for Sakura to be rejected be Sasuke time and time again but when he finally accepts her feelings and they move on to the next step she never dreamed that they\'d be having a surrogate. What if Sasuke has feelings for the child\'s mother?

Yu Yu Hakusho

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Angst, Death, Mature Content, Strong Language, Suicide
Main Characters: Hiei, Koenma, Kurama, Kuwabara, Reader, Yusuke
Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Tragedy | Story Types: Crossover
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 5356 words | Complete: No

Summary: What kind of lies are you hiding subconciously? Blood has been spilled and as far as the spirit detectives are concerned it's on your hands; as fas as you are concerned it's your fault. All your fault... first your precious Sayu and then your Kiyomi... The bloodtrail is far from over...

You poor, sweet, innocent thing...
Published: 06/03/08 | Updated: 06/12/08