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Name's Katie, Kat, or anything you'd rather call me. I don't really mind. I'm currently a Business Administration major, though I'm changing soon *crosses fingers*

I tend to curse when I'm happy, sad, angry, or even confused. Sorry if it offends you, but most of the time what comes out of my mouth can even surprise me.

I like to write, even though I haven't posted a thing online. This is mainly because I think my stories are crap and don't really want anyone to see just how bad they are. I'm starting to realize this isn't actually true, but it's still difficult letting people I've never even met read something I wrote.

Video games are my life. Resident Evil, Fallout, Assassins Creed, you name it and I probably play it... with the exception of games like Halo or Call of Duty. Sorry. They're just not my thing.

I'm pretty sure there's a whole boatload of movies, anime, and tv shows that I could list, so I'll keep it short and say that at the moment my favorites are The Boondock Saints, Supernatural, Ten-Inch Hero, and Black Cat. Also, Disney. Gotta love Disney.

I'm into any sort of music, although I tend to stay away from rap. Makes my head hurt. I used to play guitar, but I haven't in a long time. I also love playing piano, though I can't read sheet music. I usually just play by ear. I'd love to learn how to play the violin someday.

My room is a holy terror to get through for most people, but to me everything has it's place.

If for some reason you actually want to talk to me, my email is
If I don't respond it's not because I don't like you. I'm forgetful. I promise I'll get to it eventually, but if you do send me something please let me know you're from Luna so I don't just junk the letter.

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