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I\'m too old to be a fangirl, but I am. I\'m currently over-educated and underachieving. I like that mix. Chilling with my dog, writing works that will never get me paid, swilling lattes and schlepping clothes makes me happy for now. I write manga based FMA fanfiction, and I have an UNNATURAL love for Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc. I also watch/read: Trigun, Samurai Champloo and anything else that\'s been aired on [adult swim]. It beats reality telivision or the news.


Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: Adult | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crude Humor, Explicit Material, Fluff, Mature Content, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Spoilers, Strong Language
Main Characters: Jean Havoc, Other, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang
Genres: Romance | Story Types: Continuation
Length: 28 chapter(s) / 100431 words | Complete: No

Summary: Spoilers for Ch. 38 of Manga: The aftermath of chapter 38 told from Jean Havoc's point of view. What is life like afterwards and how does he come to terms? Can any good come from this turn of events? Earlier chapters T, then there is the romance. (Het Pairing) HavocxSciezka
Published: 05/16/06 | Updated: 10/10/06
Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Crude Humor, Drug References, Explicit Material, Mature Content, Spoilers, Strong Language, Yaoi
Main Characters: Jean Havoc
Genres: Comedy, Satire | Story Types: Parody
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1672 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: As a challenge I was double dog dared to write OT8 in the mangaverse. I delivered, but don't let the "warnings" fool you. It's only as dirty as you imagine it. I'm leading you on a snipe hunt.
Published: 05/17/06 | Updated: 05/17/06

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