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\"Photobucket\"12th February, 2012

Happy 100th Review! When I posted that first scene, I never expected the idea of scripts to go anywhere on a fan fiction site. But eight updates later, the blessing and honour of having met wonderful individuals and fellow authors on Lunaescence is only just hitting me.

Scene by Scene is only possible with you guys. Truly. I know in the scheme of things, it\'s no big deal. But the kind words and encouragements, as well as the favourites and ghost reads, are just a testament to how powerful and amazing a simple, heartfelt gesture can be.

You\'ve made me smile, and dance, and sing with happiness so many times it\'s crazy. I\'m sure I speak for many authors too, but for that gift -- that pleasure of forming friendships, that opportunity for improvement -- for all these priviliges, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Writing for you is and will always be a honour. Here\'s hoping it never ends.

Now before this gets even more corny and sentimental:

Act Five is 75% complete! Sorry it\'s taking longer than expected. Life over here has become pretty full on in the past few days; University is starting very soon, but I just received some unpleasant news regarding my subjects. Now everything\'s crumbling out of control, and piecing it all together has been a real pain. It also turns out that my family exceeded our Internet usage this month which is a real bummer; reading all your wonderful stories has never been this slow before. Ugh. But no worries! Progress on the chapter is slowly increasing with every spare moment that comes along.

For now though, please bear with me. Thank you so much for the infinite patience you seem to possess. Seriously. You\'re just freakin\' awesome for the amount of things us authors push your way. I truly hope the final chapter doesn\'t disappoint. You\'ve been so kind. Writing a good chapter is the least anyone could do for such awesomeness. =)

Also currently in the middle of Author Responses. Been replying to them offline, so please expect those to be posted in the coming days.

As always, thank you for everything. Stay strong and forever awesome. Wherever you are in this world, and whatever you\'re doing in your little corner, may it bring you happiness and joy. Take care, friends.

--Much love♥


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\"We want experiences, fitting ones, of profound connection with others, of deep understanding of natural phenomena, of love, of being profoundly moved by music or tragedy, or doing something new and innovative, experiences very different from the bounce and rosiness of the happy moments.\"

-- Robert Nozick


Scene by Scene --- Katekyo Hitman Reborn! --- [TYL! Reader|Various]


-- Act One: Artifice (TYL! Yamamoto Takeshi)
-- Act Two: Artifice
-- Act Three: Artifice
-- Act Four: Artifice
-- Act Five (Coming soon)

Director\'s Notes:
  • You\'ll notice that I\'ve changed the name from \'Scene\' to \'Act\'. Why? A full length script is divided into acts. These acts delineate and divide the story. They function almost like chapters in a book. Seeing as each story/update only gets longer, I suppose it\'s time I started using correct terminology!

  • What is the name of Reader\'s mafia family? It was a creative choice not to give your Family a name. I thought it would take away your engagement with the story. By not specifying a name, your imagination was free to conjure your own mafia family atmosphere; so if you\'ve ever wondered what your mafia family would be like, here\'s your chance!

  • Why \'Artifice\'? It was a toss up between \'Artifice\' or \'Duplicity\'. While the word duplicity makes sense, especially when you consider the incongruity of Reader\'s behaviour during the interrogations and flashbacks, I somehow felt that \'Duplicity\' only encompassed a small portion of what I was trying to achieve. Not only does \'Artifice\' involve fakery and cunning (which Reader possesses, I hope), but it also refers to artful and clever tricks/devices used in order to deceive. What I had hoped to show was Reader\'s gradual progression from artifice to something \'more\' - be it genuine emotions, loss of control, or simply acting/thinking differently from when she first started. Did it turn out OK? That\'s for you to judge!

  • Personally, when writing scripts, it\'s always fun to visualise where and how the characters appear physically on screen. This was something I tried to focus on a little more in Act Four. Notice how Reader and Yamamoto don\'t ever look directly at each other? This was a deliberate choice in placement. It\'s up to your interpretation, but I\'d like to think it highlights a major emotional moment for our two leads; despite their physical dislocation, their genuine emotions - especially for Reader (whose artifice is slowly crumbling) - are finally bursting through. Will Reader meet Yamamoto half way by facing him again, just as he\'s done? We\'ll have to see!

-- Scene 2A: Culpable (TYL! Sawada Tsunayoshi)
-- Scene 2B: Culpable.
-- etc. [Currently in Pre-Production (planning)]

Director\'s Notes:
  • Has anyone ever experienced this? I\'m surprised to admit it but so far, out of all the characters I\'ve written for (which aren\'t that many), Tsuna has been the most difficult. Not sure why. I always thought Hibari would be a pain or even Gokudera, but Tsuna is on a whole different level. Maybe it has to do with his actual Scene; this is what happens when you rush into a project without fleshing out the plot! Argh. Stupid me. Needless to say, Tsuna\'s scenes may go over schedule. Apologies. You will, however, get his chapter eventually. I promise that.


-- Scene 1: Reticent (TYL! Gokudera Hayato)

Director\'s Notes:
  • OK. I\'ll admit it. I love TYL!Gokudera Hayato. If all the boys of KHR! existed in their adult forms, I would seriously go for this sexy half-Italian (or Hibari - I can never decide). He\'s this furious mixture of passion, fierceness and raw energy that could - literally - set someone on fire. So taking that, this scene was how I imagined a confrontation between Gokudera and Reader regarding their feelings for each other. Personally, I think it would be akin to a volcanic explosion; very angst-filled and tense, but brewing underneath there\'s a gentle, bubbling quality that froths with genuineness and ardor. What do you think?

-- Scene 3A: Incremental (TYL! Hibari Kyoya)
-- Scene 3B: Incremental

Director\'s Notes:
  • My first attempt at an actual, fleshed-out story instead of a single scene. It was also my attempt at writing something romantic; in fact, my biggest focus was trying to maintain that romantic atmosphere, especially when Reader and Hibari both appeared on screen. At times, it was hard trying to convey the depth of emotion at varying stages in their relationship. But also extremely fun. Visualising each scene is perhaps the best part in writing scripts (for me, anyway). A close second is trying to nail that emotion in as few words as possible. Try it. Daydreaming here we come!

  • If anything, the one quality that Hibari possesses is his potential to have a great love story. One that pierces beyond flesh and transcends the spirit. Perhaps it\'s due in large part to his character; TYL!Hibari is glacial, aloof, dangerous, but he\'s also human. And it\'s this humanity that makes the idea of him falling in love completely plausible. I do believe even the coldest man would make concessions for the one he happens to love. At least, I really hope so. Because if it\'s anything like how we\'ve imagined, then attainting that deep, saturated, soul-consuming love might be closer than we think. Hey - if it\'s even remotely conceivable for TYL!Hibari, why not us?

  • You can find more \'Director\'s Notes\' for Incremental at the end of Scene 3B. At the time of posting that scene, I hadn\'t yet refurbished my profile page!


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To those who bother to read the chapters; thank you. To those who click the title because it sounds interesting (or not); thank you. But to those who make my days fantastic, and to whom I owe every ounce of gratitude in my soul; thank you -- your kind words, encouragements, and patience act like a balm to my spirit.


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Strong Language
Main Characters: Reader, Various, You
Genres: Action, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Collection, Reader Insert, Script
Length: 8 chapter(s) / 30511 words | Complete: No

Summary: One script. Multiple scenes. Experience moments in life that should never be forgotten - scene by scene.

[TYL! Reader|Various]
Published: 09/14/11 | Updated: 12/05/11