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Hello! My name is Janelle, but call me Aki please. (Previously Akileh_the_Great on animespiral.)

favorite anime: Inuyasha (don\'t tell me how LAME you think it is if you do... i already know)

I came to AS (animespiral) summer 2004, long time ago, but not as long as SOME people. I was a pretty big reviewer, I reviewed EVERYTHING. :P anyways, after some incidents my dear friend gave me an account. haha.

Again, my name is Janelle. I\'m a high school student but I don\'t look it. I look very young and I think my filipino culture and family is the main reason. I adore writing and drawing and art in general. I can\'t think of a single form of art that I don\'t like. I started writing Inuyasha fanfiction and I don\'t care if some people think it\'s horribly dorky. I\'m a proud dork dear.

I understand fangirldomismnesss

Name: Aki
Age: 17
Love Interest- Tasuke

~ShipposGurl ~Tara ~Lexi ~Labby ~Ateh Hien ~Jammy ~Sal

you can find me on: as: HelikaAkileh ~well... i guess you as: HelikaAkileh ~please go here!! :D
deviantart as: AkilehHelika ~i\'m not as good on the computer, but i\'m getting better, so check it out and see my mind.
MyOtaku as: Akileh ~eh don\'t go there MUCH, but i dabble :P
YouTube as: AkilehHelika (you can see my face maybe???)
myspace- ~some of you have already added me, so don\'t be afraid, just make you let me know who you are. in case, my last name is lastname :P

(i drew this)