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I am a 18 year old teen. I love to cook and am currently trainig in an ROP culinay program. I\'m am also trying to get my book: TH JEWELS OF VISARA done but it is taking longer then I had exspected.
I found this website a few years ago and desided that I will post it here and see what other reader think about it and give feed back. I TOTALLY welcome all feed back concernig my book and suggsetions for the characters and background. If possible, try to leave an feedback site where I could get back to you or an e-mail and chat about it and get to know ya. well, I have to go hope to post my prologe VERY soon , so keep an eye out for PROLOGE: \"FATE\" . Hey ya\'ll I \'m still working on the prologe of THE JEWELS OF VISARA, so it will take some time to get it on here so please be paceint.