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hi there! my name is not to be known to you, the reader, unless i have proven you worthy of my trust. the only personal info that i\'ll be giving out is that i\'m a girl seeking an escape from this mad world by reading fan fiction.


i like reading lemons, yaoi, yuri, perversity, and sweet stories that are not overly detailed and boring.
mostly, i read Naruto, FMA, Ouran and Death Note.
my favorite pairings are .. umm. -gives up-
there are too many to mention! sorry m(_ _)m

i listen to Gorillaz .. Fall Out Boy .. Tatu .. Mindless Self Indulgence .. Bullet for my Valentine .. My Chemical Romance .. The Fray .. The Beatles .. Weezer .. Paramore .. Goo Goo Dolls .. Cobra Starship .. Smashing Pumpkins .. Panic! At The Disco .. Matchbox 20 .. Maroon 5 .. Linkin Park

other likes: chocolate. sweets. kawaii stuff. YAOI. overly handsome/cute anime guys. gummy bears.

clowns & spiders. two things i wished never exited in this world.

i like the colors white, silver and black. i\'m not really a dull person. no, not at all. i just happen to like these colors a lot. (and i know black is the absence of colors while white is the presence of all the colors in the spectrum thus making these two.. well, not a color. but you know what. fuck off. i happen like these hues, smart arse.)

please don\'t be afraid to approach me. i don\'t bite much. :3

that\'s all i have to say about myself

ciao! xoxo



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