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hi. my name is laura, my nickname is lola. Im 14. I love anime. Death note is my Favorite, I love L and Matt with a passion. I read manga alot, and draw in most of my spare time. I wear Band Shirts and Skinny Jeans, its my fashion. DONT call me emo, goth, cause im not. im laura. its an amazing fashion, you should try it sometime. ^^ [rofl]


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Death Note

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Other
Genres: None | Story Types: None
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 2142 words | Complete: No

Summary: I hope and pray to get far with this story, and i hope i get good reviews too. ^^

A bit of a Review on the Story:
17 year old Envy, moves to japan as a private detective, she started out in wammy's house right along with Near, Mello, and Matt. L was her teacher and her first friend at Wammy House, she loves him dearly, but love him more like a brother than enything else. Matt on the other hand, was her only friend left when near went on his own to find Kira, and Mello ran away, she and him were childhood sweethearts. When L was killed Envy was the first to know, soon after Near and then Mello. Her goal in life is to avenge L, and catch the current kira. But she dosent plan on running into old friends.
Published: 08/31/08 | Updated: 10/13/08