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My name is like any other name. People call me it to get my attention, so what does it matter if you know my name because you already have my attention. I\'ve been on this planet for 15 strange years. YAY! haha ok so I\'m officaly sacring myself. I wont tell you my name cuz you simply dont know what kind of people are looking at your web page. SCARY! I am 15 tho. I live in the middle of NOWHERE. Awesome right? NOT! I guess you could say i look like a modle cheerleader? I have blonde hair and baby blue eyes and HATE most GIRLY things! I love scary movies and vilent video games. I love Kingdom Hearts even tho its not very vilent. As my name says i am a Twilight fanatic. Right now my life is kinda like Eclips. I have a Jakob except hes not a werewolf but that wuld b AWESOME! And i have my Edward but ofcorse hes not a vampire and im glad about that. hehe :) well ttfn ta-ta-for-now