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Zeezy: Okay, this is Zeezy. I\'m writing Fatcat\'s bio because he\'s too dumb to do it himself. -_-
Okay, apparently I\'m hurting his feelings. So I\'ll try - try - to be nice.
Wow, that\'s gonna be hard. Wish me luck.
Crowd: Good luck. *sarcastic tone*
Zeezy: I\'ll need it. *also sarcastically*

About My Idiot Friend Fatcat

Wow, there\'s no words to describe my idiot friend Fatcat. He\'s dumb. And random. And his grammer is crap. But I\'m getting off topic. Back to our originally scheduled programming.

He likes video games. But dude, he sucks at Kingdom Hearts!!! He can\'t even beat Ursula. She\'s like, one of the easiest bosses EVER. He thinks she\'s hard. Wait until he gets to Ansem. XDDDDD
Fatcat: I don\'t see why that\'s funny.
Zeezy: It\'s because you\'re a retard.
Fatcat: -_-
Zeezy: Ha ha. Burn. No really, it\'s the cold hard truth.

He also likes to read. Twilight.
I kid.
He likes Harry Potter, like me and half the world. Twilight is a... Wait, if I write what I really think, I\'ll get jumped by the Twitards. So I\'ll shut up.
*clears throat* Sorry, just had to add that.

Okay, well, Fatcat says I\'m hurting his feelings. So I won\'t make fun of him anymore.
I lied. XDDDD

Fatcat: You NAZI!
Zeezy: That is a very cruel thing to say. Nazis were bad, bad people. Don\'t ever compare me to them again.
Fatcat: Well... It\'s the cold hard truth.
Zeezy: *throws baguette* Oh wait. That was a friggin\' piece of bread. *throws chair*
Fatcat: *gets hit in the head* OW!
Zeezy: You deserved it.
Fatcat: For what. speaking the truth?
Zeezy: *throws textbook*
Fatcat: *ducks* Ha ha! *gets hit by another textbook* OW!!!
Zeezy: *self-satisfied smile*

Well, I\'m getting bored and Fatcat here is getting emotional...and annoying. So I\'ll leave.

Fatcat: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Zeezy: *picks up textbook*
Fatcat: *runs away screaming*
Zeezy: See? I told you he was a dumb retarded wimp. Anywho, expect updates on Wisdom soon. Bye~
Fatcat: *sulks in corner*
Zeezy: Heh heh. I think I damged his ego. XDDD See ya!

Ha ha! Tis I, Zeezy...or as I now call myself...Ninja-chan. XD Wanna know why? Here\'s the story.

Mitchell: *steals Practica del Dia*
Me: Give it back!
Mitchell: *starts waving paper back and forth*
Me: *lunges for it but misses*
Mitchell: Ha ha!
Me: *snatches paper*
Mitchell: O.O

Then it turned into:
Mitchell: I\'m more ninja than you!
Me: No, I\'m more ninja!
Mitchell: I am!
Me: I am!
Mitchell: *turns to Isabel* Who\'s more ninja, me or her?!
Isabel: ...
Me: *whispers* I\'m more ninja! *points to self*
Isabel: ...Huh?
Me and Mitchell: *facepalm*

Lol moment right there. I have many more stories of hilarious-ness in both Spanish and strings, but Fatcat\'ll probably get ticked off at me if I put them all here. XD Ja ne!


Action / Adventure, Drama & Suspense

Rated: All | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Death, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Original Character(s)
Genres: Tragedy, War | Story Types: One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1736 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: November 1st 1918

My leg still burned from the bullet that was in my thigh. I was restless and still in pain from the bullet wound I consumed earlier. I never thought I be writing in this journal Ma bought for me the day I left to join basic training. I guess I better explain things a little better, but anyhow I guess I'll start with when I joined this hell pit.
Published: 03/19/09 | Updated: 03/20/09

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