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Sponsored by and words word processor: The following fanfiction is directed and developed by Locked, starring the cast members of Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, Full Metal Alchemist, and many more within his disposal. Furthermore,Locked, gladly presents to you, her fanfiction. Please enjoy the following fictional works by the former self-proclaimed \'genious\' of clichťs and bad dialogue.

About the Author.

\"I don\'t do it for the feedback, I don\'t do it for recognition, when I write a fanfiction, I do it for the simple joys of brainwashing your little minds. Whenever I finally craft a fanfiction, (every blue moon of course), I want to make the reader feel like he/she is actually in that story stuck as a prisoner of curiosity, turning through every chapter in hopes of fulfilling that savage appetite for a good plot. If I can\'t accomplish that, then may the many rabid reviewers burn me to the stake.\"- Locked. Changing the world 2009.

Locked has launched a series of small projects, neither of which have caught the scrutiny of readers as of yet, for whatever reason her favorite pastime within the fanfiction community is to spite and belittle Mary-suers and Gary Stues with a little bit of constructive criticism. (Oh, gee gasp!) Her current subject of interest is the popular tv series, Heroes, therefore most of her work will revolve around that basic subject. As a trivial side note, Locked stitched her heart in his pocket and lost it somewhere inside the vast magical world of the washing machine where it forever stays clean and happy, away from the darkness that is his catacomb of a body.


Centered Fanfiction Category: (Given if the category is filed). Keep in mind, theyíre not based in order, simply what I can currently think up.


Death Note
Gundam Wing
Eyeshield 21
D.N. Angel
Yu Yu Hakusho
Full Metal Alchemist
Spirited Away
Witch Hunter Robin
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Cowboy Bebop.
Samurai Champloo


Kingdom Hearts.
Final Fantasy
Shadow of Destiny.


Harry Potter.
Garth Nix Books.
Bible- ha, no kidding.
Chronicles of Narnia.

Side Note

Review, Reviewee\'s, and Flames.

Alright, I\'ve only just registered in this site, added my own little story (it\'s pretty old), and so far, I don\'t expect reviews, which is alright, I\'m glad to satisfy my own needs first before readers, but I\'m not writing this section to chat idly about my stories, I wrote this piece solemnly to keep a warning out to those that have met my reviews.

To those that are open to my opinion- of their works, and, by all means, do accept them without ignorantly claiming they are flames, I thank you. I understand how it feels to have your work picked and probed on, itĎs like having your kid bullied for having so and so features, it isnít a nice feeling, but the thought that someone took time to input their thoughts, I believe, is helpful. In my defense, when I write a review, Iím not being biased or just intentionally cruel, I write them based on my opinion and experience (and to kill time, to be truthful). So, donít come up to me and burst a blood vessel, saying anything on the lines of Ďu just donít 1yke mehí. Try being mature about it. =D

Another thing, from what Iíve witnessed thereís not many Ďauthorsí that take the time to help their fellow writers, and while itís not a requirement, I honestly believe that they hinder themselves, the site, and the quality of otherís stories if they donít bother to take a good glance at any other story and give an honest review, with examples, and tips to help them along their path of writing enlightenment. If so much is the concern of the site quality of work being uploaded, then as a member, one should do something about it, andÖGod, I donít know, review? A great deal of people seem too concerned about their own stories and whether theyíll get a review or not to even bother with lending that helping hand. That way of thinking is pretty selfish and stupid. So, if youíre reading this, pass it on, and try it out, itís very helpful, and who knows, we might actually receive good quality work. Wouldnít you think? Donít be afraid to be assertive.

Flames: Alright, there might be times when Iím just not in the mood to be nice- we all have our off days, however, chances are that I wonít stoop so low as to call anyoneís work a piece of crap, shit, or any other non-creative insult I could come up with, but if ever I resort to such a behavior, Iíll make sure to apologize. There is no need to belittle anyoneís work, no matter how clitched or O.O.C it might be.


If youíre the kind that doesnít take too kindly to constructive criticism, and decide to bitch about it in the most inappropriate way, annoy me, or otherwise, I wonít do a thing but ignore it. Really, thereís nothing I can do? And while I may bitch back at you for the hell of it, keep in mind, itís only because youíre my little butt monkey and Iíll take a bit of amusement in ruffling you up. :) I smile at mindless stupidity.

Alright, finally, if anyone wants a review to their story, then feel free to contact me, I wonít mind at all if its for the sake of progress, just be patient with me.

Works: To be updated.

Title: No-Face Mascot
Category: Eyesheild 21.
Progress: 90% -Still in Progress- Needs finishing touches.
When it came to it, you were always in the background, hiding behind a mask. You kept a low profile and remained a simple wall-flower because, let\'s face it, it\'s safe that way. However, playing safe isn\'t quite as interesting as playing the role of antagonist. The moment you come across the Devil\'s Book, all opportunities of payback becomes almost a sweet temptation. The only problem is, maybe some roles weren\'t meant to be played, after all, Hiruma is the true monster of Deimon High. Everyone knows that.
Pairing: Hiruma/Reader.

Title: Stitching A Heart.
Category: Kingdom Hearts.
Progress: 40% -incomplete first chapter-.
Summary: Youth is a complicated thing, wouldnít you think? Thereís always that need to belong, to feel like youíre apart of something important, especially, to satisfy a false illusion of being meaningful to others. It is a desire to blend in, but at what cost is this attempt met with?
-Friendship Fic, and potential love triangle of some sort.- >:3