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Name: Viridiana Hernandez
Age: 14
City: Las Vegas
School: Canyon Springs HS

Every girl Everywhere is A Princess

- Iím just a regular girl who believes in fairytales. I believe that great things will come your way if you believe and trust in yourself. Iím very wise for my age, though I act somewhat naÔve. Iím a very adventuress person to be around. I like to have fun, and I like to look at the brighter and bigger picture of life. I always tell myself, that if you try hard enough, dreams my just happenÖ

ď I am a Princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in drags. Even if they arenít pretty or smart or young, theyíre still Princesses. All of us.Ē

Collections sages et paroles


Wise Collections: Dare to believe-because believing makes it so.
Strong, positive beliefs are the foundation upon which all great lives are built. Such beliefs are magical. They can turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, the simple into the profound, a single step into a giant leap. -B.M.C

The unseen energy that was once in Shakespeare or Picasso or Galileo, or any human form, is also available to all of us. That is because the spirit energy does not die, it simply changes form. -Wayne W. Dyer

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intution. What you\'ll discover will be wonderful. What you\'ll discover will be yourself. -Alan Alda.

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DeviantART: Azuriae (don\'t use it much...)

-Yeah, I\'m new to this site. But I\'ve been writing stories for about a year, but I\'ve been reading fanfics since 3 years ago...On my story here. I\'ll update regularly, which will be once or twice a week since most of the chapters are already posted...

If any of you wanna reach me; go to my youtube profile. I\'m pretty sure everyone has a youtube account... and you can send me a message or something...k well bye!

Kindle My Heart

As the moon kindles the night
As the wind kindles the fire
As the rain fills every ocean
And the sun, the earth
With your heart, kindle my heart

Take my heart
Take my heart
Kindle it with your heart
And my heart
Cannot be
Kindled without you
With your heart
Kindle my heart

-A Little Princess; Patrick Doyle

\" Coupons

This is the wish-o-meter XD

You Know You\'re Mexican When....

You have ever been hit by a chancla.

You grew up scared by something called \"El Cucuy.\"

Others tell you to stop screaming when you are really just talking.

You light a candle on the night of the Lotto drawing.

You use your lips to point something out.

You constantly refer to cereal as \"con fleis\".

Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner even if it\'s a one bedroom apartment.

You can dance ranchera, cumbia or salsa without music.

You use \"manteca\" (lard) instead of olive oil and can\'t figure out why your butt is getting bigger.

You call your sneakers \"tenees\".

You have at least thirty cousins.

You can\'t imagine anyone not liking spicy food.

You are in a 5-passenger car with 7 people in it and a person shouting \"subanse, todavia caben\".

Whenever you feel under the weather, you compulsively dab on some \"Vics\" vapor rub all over your chest and inside your nostrils.

Your mom packs your \"lonchera\" everyday.

You or someone you know uses \"Tres Flores\" in their hair.

Tamales, champurrado, posole and menudo are must haves on Thanksgiving.

There is more Budweiser than punch at little Juanito\'s birthday party.

There is at least one member in your family name Maria, Guadalupe, Juan, Jose, or Jesus.

Everyone still thinks Cesar Chavez is the best boxer even if he lost against Oscar De La Hoya.

You\'ve gone to the Pulgamarket every weekend for years.

You step into a house that has all those little figurines taking up every inch of space on/under the TV.

You have a porcelain cat, dog, Buddha, or elephant in your living room.

You have plastic slipcovers on your sofas.

You swear \"Choco Mil\" is the same as Slim Fast and try to lose weight by drinking it.

You have a drunk uncle/aunt.

You\'re still afraid to open that umbrella in your house.

You not only know who Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante is, but you tell people he\'s your tio.

Your mother, tia or hermana\'s hair is blackcherry, \"Sun in\" red or a burgundy that would make Celia Cruz jealous.

You always try to find out what town another fellow Latino\'s family is from.

You have ever had to \"beepiar\" a friend on their pager.

You wear your Sunday best to do laundry at the laundrymat and go grocery shopping.

You have told your kid not to walk the floor barefoot or they\'ll catch a cold.

You go to a wedding or Quiencienera, gossip about how bad the comida is, but be the first to take a plato to go.

You have a bottle of Tapatio in your purse.

Your cousins are delinquents / hootchies.

You have a chola in your barrio named \"La Flaca\" who\'s bigger than a house.

You think Cristina trumps Oprah any day.

You have a cousin named \"Guero\" who\'s darker than night.

You know a chola named \"La Shy Girl\" who is loud and obnoxious.

You need to point out how much something you just bought cost.

You go to a white friends house for dinner and don\'t understand the concept of sitting at a table.

You\'ve tried to bring a mango back to the US from Mexico, and a bonus point if you actually made it all the way home with it.

You have a bottle of Bacardi or Tequila in your house right now.

You drive a \"Cheby\", an \"Ohsmobeel\" or a \"Bolswahgon\"

You\'re proud to be Mexican - and you pass these jokes on to all your Mexican friends!

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ROFLMFAO!!!! ZOMG THAT IS SO FUCKING TRUE!! EXCEPT, I MY PARENT\'S CAR AIN\'T GHETTO. IT\'S A 2007 GMC YUKON. Con Fleis lol XD this person is obviously a Mexican too. 95% of this is true about my family. Except, I have 40 cousins all together, I think...let me count theres..............etc. and we don\'t use \"Manteca\", that shit taste nasty...and it makes you hella fat. And, I live in a 2-story house, not an apartment. We\'re not poor either, we\'re in the middle. But most of those are so fucking true

Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Crude Humor, OOC, Strong Language
Main Characters: Alex Louis Armstrong, Alphonse, Edward, Envy, Gaara, Haku, Hinata, Itachi, Kakashi, Lee, Maes Hughes, Naruto, Neji, Original Character(s), Other, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Sakura, Sasuke, Winry
Genres: Comedy, Humor | Story Types: Crossover, Parody
Length: 3 chapter(s) / 1192 words | Complete: No

Summary: A crossover between All that and FMA and Naruto. What happens when the FMA and Naruto gang are forced to go on this show called "Know Your Stars" unknowingly? This story is sure to make you laugh. Rated PG-13, for Ed and Others mouth. Please Review!
Published: 08/29/06 | Updated: 09/07/06

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