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...yes, I\'m mildly insane. Thank you for noticing.

There\'s really nothing much to say. I\'m a 15 year old female, and I enjoy both reading and writing fanfiction. For now, as I\'m not going to reveal my real name, you can just call me Raiko or Rai for short. Or something like that.

Title: A Shadow Of Divine Perfection
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Sasori/reader
Rating: PG-13
Progress: Started on, but not posted yet.
Synopsis: Takes place before the beginning of the series, in the Hidden Sand Village. (Around 18 years before Team 7 is formed; Kakashi would have only been around 8 years old at the time). The basic plot of it is that the reader is the type of person who can read others like a book - she\'s pretty much a master at reading body language, and just generally \'figuring a person out\'. (Think of how Neji analyzed Hinata\'s eye movements, the way she bit her lip, etc. in the preliminaries - only to a hugely greater degree). In fact, she considers it her very own form of art (and her reasoning and explanation behind this will be explained in further detail in the prologue). But, the only person she was never able to understand to such a degree was Akasuna no Sasori. And the fact that she couldn\'t irritated her to no end.

In the story, the reader was just promoted to ANBU, and her first mission was something of a blessing for her - she was given the task of investigating Sasori\'s suspicious behavior in the guise of being partnered up with him on a mission.

...and then the story just sort of takes off from there. I\'m not going to say much else, as I don\'t want to ruin it for you. ;) I have something of a prologue for this already complete, so that should be up soon.


Title: No Title Yet...Heh
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Obito/Reader
Rating: PG-13
Progress: Planning Stages
Synopsis: This story explores a \"What If?\" scenario. What if Obito had somehow managed to live? What would have happened to him, how would he have survived?

The reader in this story is one of Konoha\'s opposing nin from Iwagakure, who was assigned the task (along with her two team mates) of kidnapping a nin from Konoha in order to question them on Konoha\'s plans for the war. And who else to they come upon but Obito? Of course, with the reader being the lazy person she is, she settles upon this injured shinobi to fulfill her task. Instead of finding one that is healthier and more likely to live, she opts to do her best to heal him and then just return to Iwagakure.

Her reasoning is, that it will be a lot less troublesome to do that instead of trying to bring back an uninjured shinobi - one that is at his or her full health will put up more of a struggle, and his or her comrades will surely come after him. She figures that, whoever this guy\'s (Obito\'s) comrades are dead themselves, or felt that there was nothing they could do for him and left him there.

...and that\'s the basic idea behind that one.


Title: No Title Yet...Again
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi/reader/Sasuke
Rating: PG-13
Progress: Planning Stages
Synopsis: This story will explore yet another \"What If?\" scenario. This one will try to answer the question, \"What if Itachi hadn\'t killed the Uchiha clan?\"

In this alternate history setting, Itachi never killed the Uchiha Clan - though that is not to say that the clan didn\'t go unharmed. Instead, another Uchiha had risen to do the deed, but was caught and killed by the ANBU sent after him. Sasuke and Itachi, who had also escaped being killed as he was in a shinobi correction facility for having killed Shisui Uchiha, are now the only two survivors of the clan.

Four years later, Sasuke is graduating from the Academy, and Itachi is let out of the correction facility on account of good behavior. And just where does the reader come in? Well, in this story, the reader and her two team mates are in need of a new sensei, as theirs recently died on an A-ranked mission. And the one who was assigned to leading their team of Chuunin just so happens to be Itachi! WOO!

(In this story, the ages are messed with just a little bit. The rookie Genin are a year older then they\'re meant to be (13, and 14 for Team Gai), and Itachi is only 15.)


Title: ...what do you think?
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Deidara/reader
Rating: PG-13
Progress: Planning Stages
Synopsis: synopsis yet for this one, folks. Sorry. I\'m still trying to work some things out, and don\'t want to end up giving you wrong information.


Title: ...
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Sai/reader
Rating: PG-13
Progress: Planning Stages
Synopsis: None for this yet, either. TT_TT



I\'m also thinking of doing a one-shot series. The...\"What If?\" One-Shot series! I bet you didn\'t see that coming. Anyway, if you want, start sending in requests in the form of \"What if _____?\" and then fill in the blank. Please don\'t request something like \"wut if da reader and ed from fma had crzy s3x in a car??!?!/1/1!?!?!?!?!\" Something like what I have in the synopsis for the above stories. (If you DO want a lemon in the one-shot, please say so; although, if I can\'t find a way to fit it in, I might have to decline doing it. Sorry...)

The following is a list of series I\'ll do.

>Fruits Basket
>DN Angel
>Full Moon wo Sagashite
>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Samurai Champloo
>Mahou Sensei Negima
>Ouran High Host Club
>666Satan (It needs more love! It\'s a manga by the twin brother of Naruto\'s mangaka...and it\'s really good! T_T)
>Lovely Complex (...needs more love, too...)
>Others...just ask.

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Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Crude Humor, Mild Sexual References, OOC, Spoilers
Main Characters: Reader, Sasori
Genres: General, Romance | Story Types: General, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1985 words | Complete: No

Summary: "He was always very well guarded, and I knew little about him no matter how hard I tried to see past his cool exterior. It angered me to no end; I could see right through everyone else — why couldn't he be the same?" Reader/Sasori
Published: 09/06/06 | Updated: 09/06/06