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This Dictionary is intended to be a comprehensive guide encompassing terms and words frequently used in online fandom and original works of literature. The goal of this guide is to compile a resource for Writers, and to Readers, provide a better understanding of the terms they may encounter while reading.


Intended Usage

This Dictionary is not intended to be a substitute for a Thesaurus.

These pages and definitions typically pertain to literary, fandom, and culture/language specific words, rather than providing ordinary words and their definitions. Should you be looking for the definitions of everyday words in the English Language, we recommend Dictionary.com. More suggested websites for synonyms, word meanings, and other literary elements can be found on Lunaescence Archive’s Resources page.


While the Dictionary isn’t publicly available for editing, we encourage everyone to help us improve and expand our database by suggesting additions or revisions via the Forums. You may propose a correction/revision to current entries or suggest a new definition at this post and this post respectively. If your contributions are accepted, you will be credited. General discussion regarding the Dictionary and its contents can be found in this Forum section.

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The definitions in this Dictionary have been complied by numerous contributors over the years. Out of respect for those who have dedicated their time to providing this resource to the public, we ask that definitions or entries not be taken/reposted without credit. Please do not lift content or definitions – whether in partial or full form – from these pages without proper attribution.

For more information on attribution and the appropriate way to credit the source when sharing content, please visit this page.


With these points considered, please feel free to view the Dictionary.