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Sometimes, when I'm not saving the world, I write.

Totally not freaking out

Liatris Saturday August 19, 2017

Seven exams next week.

Four due chapters on different stories.

OB-GYN clinics on Friday. Maybe? I don't even know anymore.

And I'm just sitting here drinking coffee and pretending that none of this exists.

I am totally not panicking at all. 

But hey, at least my favorite fanfic writer just updated. So that's nice. 

In between time-traveling adventures

Liatris Tuesday August 15, 2017

In between time-travelling adventures and trying to learn how to venipuncture a child without either of us crying, I somehow managed to update a story. 


So if you're into the Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd, check out my story, Rules of Vanishing.


Oh, now let's talk art! AO3's Winterbugsy just made an awesome fanart of Rules of Vanishing, which you can check out here. And Lunaescence's own Goodfellow made some pretty kickass Red Hood art.

Don't believe Goodfellow whatever she says.

I did not get her hooked back in comics again.

It wasn't my fault I swear.

Meanwhile, I haven't slept in 12 hours and haven't eaten in 24. I am this close to being the stereotypical student who lives off black coffee and cigarettes. Ah, if only my old teacher didn't beat the urge to smoke cigarettes out of me. 


So, what's next for me? I'm going to go ahead and start working on Luna's Last to First Challenge and the fic trade. Hopefully, I'll finish both by the end of this week.

Unless of course, the galaxy needs my help again. The needs of the many and all that.

Or I start procrastinating. There's that, too. 

I have no idea what I'm doing

Liatris Wednesday August 2, 2017


Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello everyone! I’m not dead!

Not yet, anyway.

To anyone who’s been wondering what I’ve been up to, lately, I’m here to discuss writing plans and projects I’ve been working on.

--See? I’ve been working! I’m not dead!-

Projects I’m working on aka active fanfics:

Fanfic: Mercy
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader
Chapter Title: Ripple (Chapter 22)
Progress: Five hundred words in what’s proving to be a monster of a chapter and a very challenging arc to write.

Fanfic: Ain’t No Place for a Hero
Pairing: Genos/Reader
Chapter Title:  Rückkehrunruhe (Chapter 23)
Progress: Two hundred and fifty words in. Short chapter, but I have been having problems writing all the goddamn emotions down.

Fanfic: Fault Line
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader
Chapter Title: Chapter Two
Progress: Nothing written yet, and I’ll be able to start on this as soon as I update Mercy, Ain’t No Place for a Hero and Rules of Vanishing.

Fanfic: Rules of Vanishing
Pairing: Jason Todd/Reader; Red Hood/Reader
Chapter Title: Chapter Three
Progress: Again, nothing written yet, but it has a pretty high priority on my list, as I want to finish it before I get started on more projects.

Upcoming writing projects:

The Pizza Delivery Girl’s Survival Guide to Gotham City 
  - A Jason Todd/Reader fanfic set in the Arkham Universe

- An untitled, original work featuring an EMT, a small town, and a night when people simply cannot die.

- A one-shot response to Lunaescence’s Last to First Challenge

- A one-shot response for Lunaescence’s August Fic trade.


I’m currently participating in Lunaescence’s Last to First Challenge, and I’m going to write a story with the prompt reminisce. I’m currently low on inspiration right now, so if anyone’s interested in having me write a one shot story for them, just shoot me a PM.

I write for Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC (comics, extended universe and Arkhamverse), One Punch Man, Bleach, Game of Thrones, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and of course, original stories.