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yall already know what the fuck is goin on

the urge....to purge...

Bleu Wales Wednesday August 30, 2017

...a lot of my old stories.

I know you're supposed to look back at your older works and be proud of the progress you made, but whenever I see some unfinished work, or something that has some old views that don't reflect my current ones, or insensitive comments from when I was an ignorant kid, or something that I just put out for the sake of expanding my repertoire or impressing people...it just makes me upset. I want my old works to be something I can be proud of and look on fondly, not something I wanna sweep under the rug and hide from. 

And there are some that I do love and am proud of, but there's a lot more that make me wanna go back in time and smack myself that overshadow the good. I'm sure there's people who still enjoy my old stories and read them, but I don't want to be known for those stories and I don't to think about them with hate and regret. 

  • long drawn out sigh*



ANYway. Whomst in this thread smokes cloves? Orz

*lying dead in the woods as 80s pop blares in the bg*

Bleu Wales Thursday August 24, 2017

Internet came back for a few days then went again, so we have to wait for someone to come take a look >:P I should probably go to a starbucks or the library to upload shit, but between work and generally being lazy, i haven't got around to it lmao

In the meantime, I've been playing otome games and just finished Collar X Malice (or CollarXMalice whatever floats your boat) and I'd just like to say: Shiraishi deserved better and im going to slap whoever pulled that lazy writing bs!!!! #-n-

ANYWAY, if anyone has any otome/dating games to reccomend, feel free. I've played many in my time so ive probably already played it, but its worth a shot  (im desperate). Kudos if i can buy it in a store or play it on my phone <3

Internet problems :/

Bleu Wales Wednesday August 16, 2017

We're having some trouble with our internet at home, so I don't have any internet on my laptop, which is where I write all my shit. As such, I can't actually upload anything, which is just great! :-) 

Hopefully this will be resolved soon so I can update

My brain hurts

Bleu Wales Friday August 4, 2017

Ice cream tub was way too hard to open, think i gave myself a headache. Also thinking abt metal gear always gives me a headache. 

Really into this new mobile game called "The Arcana." Whats yalls thoughts on it?