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Maybe I'll tell you guys how I'm doing with my stories. Maybe I'll even post some things eventually. It's a mystery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Caraina Tuesday August 1, 2017

Hey all two people who care about me posting stories! I really appreciate your support! 

I have the newest chapter of LTAR pretty much all set to go, my issue is that I want to make sure I have a few chapters ready to go before I start posting them, as I am pretty fickle about... you know, the actual content of this plot, and I need to make sure I'm going in a consistent direction before I start posting. 

I'm also working on a companion piece for LTAR with a few bonus/drabbles chapters, so look forward to that. 

Completely separate projects include

  • A Sidon/Reader one shot which is almost finished (just needs an ending???????)
  • A Pokemon Go Spark/Reader Platonic!Blanche/Reader one shot
  • A Mafiatale!Sans/Reader story
  • A Sans/Monster!Reader drabble collection
  • A Licenceless-Rider/Reader story (if I could stop being so idea-constipated.....)

So look forward to those! 

Or you know, forget about them all right now and be pleasantly surprised in a few years when I actually start posting...  Take your pick~