Penguiduck's Notepad

A Prelude to Penguiduck

Penguiduck Wednesday August 2, 2017

Welcome, welcome.


I'm pleased you're here.  I suppose this means that you either follow my writing, am curious to learn more about me, or want to see me embarass myself (which I am positively inclined to do in some way, shape, or form). Or maybe it's a combination of the above.  That's all fine.  I'm just happy that you're taking the time out of your day to visit my blog.


This is a story... about stories.


I'm that weird type of person who believes that everything should be experienced through a narrative.  That might be why I found history dull in school, but I love historical fiction.  If a character or idea is interesting, then I am interested.  You'll find that I take character development very seriously.  I refuse to bend my fictional reality unless I feel that I am being true to those I am writing about and for.  

Writing has become such an integral part of me that not a day goes by without me thinking about a fictional world in some capacity.  It makes me tingle with pride and giggle like a little girl; it relaxes me and brings me a sense of accomplishment that I can't find anywhere else. It allows me to master my thoughts, breaking down each tendril of concepts that I could never hope to do otherwise.  


Yet, life can be a bit unaccommodating.


I work full time as a financial advisor — basically, I make money by telling others what to do with their money.  I never thought of myself much as a technical person, but my career is working out well so far.  My customer satisfaction surveys are high, I get along well with my supervisor, and I operate with the highest of ethical standards.  The industry's not ideal for me, but I don't think most folks love their jobs.  Really, if it puts food on the table, a roof over my head, and I don't loathe it, I'm satisfied.  My work environment is excellent.  I am blessed to have a far better employer than that of most Americans.

I am engaged, and our wedding is November of this year, which (as of today's blog post) means that I have about three months until the big day.  I've loaded myself with tons of DIY projects, and I'm now beginning to realize the extent of the work I've assigned myself.  There are still many vendors to contact, preferences to establish, and people to placate.  My dog, the non-human love of my life, is destined to be my ringbearer.

My time is scarce.  Finding time to write can be challenging.  I am a night owl, but our societal standards seem to deem it fit that I wake up at the crack of dawn each morning.  Because of this, I get very limited sleep — I'm really just some form of perpetually exhausted pigeon at this point, which is difficult for me to remedy since there's so much to be done and so little time.  You can probably understand why I don't update as often as I do.


I treasure your reviews.


I really do.  They can make me smile, laugh, blush, and jump for joy all at once. I would argue that there is nothing better than the feeling of getting an email notification and seeing that there is a thoughtful review left for one of my pieces.  I try to respond (even though I'm not so great at it sometimes), but I think the best way to show my appreciate is to just keep writing (writing writing).  

Truly and sincerely, on some rough days, it's reviews that keep me going, so thank you.


I'm still here.


I promise.  I will finish my fics.  I don't know when this is going to happen, but you'll notice that I'm pretty persistent.  I finished Jaharaan Love, didn't I?  Even though it took six years, I finished it and gave it the ending that it deserved. I have that same dedication to my other fics. 

You'll see.