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Akira Mokona Thursday August 3, 2017

What’s going on with the blank chapters?

When Luna went down and updates were being done, something glitched out. The mods are aware of the issue. I’ve gone back and reposted everything that disappeared that I still have on my laptop. Unfortunately, everything else is on another laptop that doesn’t work anymore. Unless the mods fix the issue, I’m afraid those stories are down for good and I apologize if you wanted to reread them.


When do you update?

Every Wednesday! Since I work, sometimes my update day has to be moved to Tuesday or Thursday, but I try to be consistent. Sometimes, if I’m feeling extra charitable, I’ll also do an extra update on the weekends.


Why do you post three stories at a time?

I have over 200 chapters pre-written for different stories. Rather than spread these out over four years, I’m uploading three stories every week. It also provides readers more of a variety in my writing. If anything changes, I might update more or less.


Can I make requests?

Back when I still posted Race around the World, I had a review reward system where I did a special story dedicated to a certain reviewer (usually the x00th). They would be able to choose which character they wanted and then I would write a story.

Nowadays, I’m really busy and my inspiration isn’t as cooperative. I apologize in advance.


How long have you been writing?

About ten years. My first ‘story’ is on paper and tucked away in a drawer in my bedroom from grade six. As for Luna, I joined the site in 2010, so I’ve been on Luna for seven years.


What are you working on? What’s the posting order?

You can find the three stories I’m currently posting on my main page on Luna, as well as my progress in regards to what I’m currently writing. Previews of things that I’ve finished writing but haven’t been posted will be featured on this blog!


Have a question that hasn’t been answered?

Message me and I’ll answer as best as I can!