Bleu Wales's Tall Tales

*lying dead in the woods as 80s pop blares in the bg*

Bleu Wales Thursday August 24, 2017

Internet came back for a few days then went again, so we have to wait for someone to come take a look >:P I should probably go to a starbucks or the library to upload shit, but between work and generally being lazy, i haven't got around to it lmao

In the meantime, I've been playing otome games and just finished Collar X Malice (or CollarXMalice whatever floats your boat) and I'd just like to say: Shiraishi deserved better and im going to slap whoever pulled that lazy writing bs!!!! #-n-

ANYWAY, if anyone has any otome/dating games to reccomend, feel free. I've played many in my time so ive probably already played it, but its worth a shot  (im desperate). Kudos if i can buy it in a store or play it on my phone <3