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BNHA has taken my soul, but here's a Bleach story preview

Akira Mokona Sunday October 29, 2017

First, I would just like to say that All Might is an absolute cinnamon roll and I love him.

Alright, now that I've gotten that off of my chest, I just finished my Kenpachi Zaraki series. Here's your lovely preview. (Also, does anyone even read these? Who knows. I'll keep posting anyway).

Neutrality - September/October 2018

Kenpachi Zaraki x Reader

30 chapters

After a run-in with an officer from Squad Eleven, you're determined to return to your usual routine.

Unfortunately, the Eleventh Kenpachi has decided that you're going to be his next opponent.

As soon as you ran into the street, you skidded to a halt with your hand still grasping your sword.


It wasn’t an enemy.


It was a man with a white haori, the symbol of Squad Eleven on his back.


Kenpachi Zaraki.


“Hm?” he turned, the bells in his hair chiming as he faced you, “You’re the first person I’ve come across that’s still conscious,” his gaze shifted, “What’s with that cut on your face?”


You tensed. Chihiro had insisted on bandaging the cut so it didn’t scar, but you were fine with letting it heal on its own. You ended up having to compromise with some bandages that would simply keep the wound from reopening. But that wasn’t the problem. The man who had cut you was from Squad Eleven, just like the man before you.


A wolfish grin crossed the captain’s features, “One of my guys gave you that, didn’t he?”


You swallowed thickly. His Spiritual Pressure was uncomfortable, but you weren’t intimidated. You were used to standing next to Sajin, after all. Your voice didn’t waver as you finally spoke, “You need to control your Spiritual Pressure. You’re disrupting the work of Squad-“


He vanished from the middle of the road, then reappeared in front of you. He had drawn his sword, holding the blade above his head.


You didn’t bother trying to deflect the blow. Such a swing would go straight through your sword and into your body. You instinctively used your Flash Step to get out of the way, stopping further down the road. Despite your speed, you had managed to avoid him by mere inches.


You watched him, cautious. It was likely that he had come for you in order to get some sort of vengeance for his subordinate. Infighting wasn’t encouraged, though the opinion of such a matter in the eyes of Squad Eleven was debatable. Considering that he had attacked you when you were unarmed, you were in deep trouble.


Kenpachi’s attention lingered on his weapon, having only made contact with the air, before shifting to you once more. He gestured to your blade with his own, “Draw your sword.”


You immediately shook your head, “I’m not going to fight you,” such a battle would end very poorly for you, not to mention that the incident from before wasn’t really your fault.


“Too bad,” he strode toward you, readying another strike, “I heard you’d make for a good fight, so that’s what’s going to happen.”


Your eyes widened. He wasn’t even angry about his subordinate. He just wanted to fight.


You didn’t hesitate. You ran in the opposite direction.