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deltachye Monday November 20, 2017

i've been very mia as a mod and that sucks on my part lmao i'd like to say i have an excuse but seasonal affective and school really just suck energy out of me. add that to my lazy character and we have Tres Disaster™. i hope to work on more of that when i have a long break and i'll definitely be revamping the socials i mod during winter break.


fanfic wise i've finished that 4 year old sherlock story (yay) but haven't really had the motivation to work on much else ?? Catch Float is a major priority for me to finish since i'd like to see it through. i've kind of been trying to work on Street Stupid but i confused myself on what story narrative i'm trying to do and what i'm trying to tell so like........ i need to think it through. i will try to get to it and god i really want to write stranger things fics but yeah i will need major strikes of inspo to hit me in the face so i can get a draft up onto its feet and runnin. don't want to publish something and see it die sad


life wise i've been accepted into the 2 universities i applied for and into the nursing program i'm gunning for so yay smile hopefully they don't retract their conditional offer and hopefully i don't have a life crisis about what i'm doing in the future because das a lotta money :// driving in the canadian tundra fucking sucks bro but i haven't crashed yet so finger guns


btw. i just have to say thor: ragnarok is an interesting movie in that the story was superbly weak but the characters carried the whole movie ? i.. adore loki smh why am i always dragged towards the Problematique Ones ?? mr hemsworth was a full course meal with free champagne though like his abs in 3D were wild


also also if you read this far check out music by Billie Eilish and Portugal The Man ! lovely lovely artists that are kind of on the indie downlow rn so if you cared enough to trundle through my word mash they are worth a listen smile


anyways i'm v tired bt doing my best. i'll be re-energized by the time winter break rolls out (x-mas ish) so hope to have lots of writing and social media goods by then smile