The Misadventures of DW~

In the Home Stretch...

dark_wing19 Tuesday December 26, 2017

Hey! Merry Christmas and all that holiday jazz to everyone! (Well, belated by now, but whatever~) Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a great holiday time. Worked drained the life out of me for the most part, but I'm alive. Now that Christmas is over, it's now on to New Years and inventory. Just this week and next and then I can beg for a vacation. (I actually don't have to beg--I just have to say when I'm taking a vacation before the next month's schedule gets posted.) And with a vacation comes excessive writing! Yay~

Good news is that I FINALLY got my new laptop! I'm so excited. Mainly I'll be using it for writing, but it's also a gaming laptop. It's purdy :3

Okay, on to my projects. As for "The Heart Wants What It Wants," I think I've finally decided on a plotline for the story. It certainly took me long enough and like, three different times trying to write it, but I think I finally have a plot thought out and a storyline to follow. Well for the most part. The main plot yes, the small stuff I'll probably make up as I go. (As per usual.)

Other than that, guys, I don't really have much going on. Probably won't get much updated or posted until after Jan 5th. (That's inventory day.) After that, everything should befor the most partback to normal. 

Talk to you guys later~