Lunaescence’s DEV Blog

Introducing the Archive’s Development Blog

DIA Thursday April 5, 2018

Hello, Lunatics!


This blog will cover changes and improvements around Lunaescence. While monthly announcements do often mention matters related to the site itself, I felt it was beneficial having a dedicated space to talk solely about site improvements.

There’s a lot I do behind-the-scenes that isn’t visible, nor noticeable, unless you’re paying attention to obscure sections of the site. And that’s where this Blog comes into the picture.

I will be using this blog to cover changes around Lunaescence and show you all the things I’m up to daily, however big or small they are. I plan on doing weekly updates, pointing out any changes, additions to the site, or work-in-progesses. In layman’s terms, this Blog will be where I document changes, repairs, or just give you all samples of things to come in the site’s future.

I also will be using this to document finished or in-progress repairs for technical issues.

(Of course, the Technical Issues forum thread will remain updated as well.)

I feel this is an excellent way to keep you all, our beloved Lunaescence members, more in-the-loop regarding changes and repairs. One of the best parts of having this blog (and a source of much of my excitement) is getting to share potential changes, and with your help and feedback, better shape the site to the wants and needs of you all – the userbase. Feel free to drop a comment or two, give some feedback or state any ideas on future posts – I promise I don’t bite!

I can’t wait to share site progress updates with you all, and as always, thank you for being loyal members of Lunaescence Archives!