Lunaescence’s DEV Blog

Week 1: First Edition

Diamond April Friday April 13, 2018

Hello, hello!

How are you all? Good I hope! Because Friday has graced us with it's presence, I now present you with the first edition of the Archive's DEV Blog. So what's new or to come around Lunaescence? A few things...



A few of the things that have changed around the Archive. This list isn't comprehensive (and leaves a lot off), but it gives you an idea of what's been done.

SSL Certificate This has been in place since around Feburary, but for anyone who hasn't noticed... Lunaescence now has a SSL Certificate. Both the main archive and Front Desk now auto-direct anyone using the old link (http://lunaescence.com) to the SSL version (https://lunaescence.com). If you're not familar with SSL, you might be wondering why a switch to SSL-only matters. An SSL connection, via encryption, helps to insure that data transfered cannot be intercepted. So in other words, Lunaescence has an extra layer of protection against hackers and other kinds of security exploits. I'm sure we all can agree that's a great thing. 

Print function on Stories The feature to view an entire chapter or story in Print format is now fixed.

Update to archive Registration page The Archive's Registration page has recieved a rewrite. There's no need to be worried about any major rule changes, as all of the rules are the same with the exception of one: a bullet is added regarding keeping all usernames appropriate. This one was probably a bit of an unspoken rule.

Forum Editor First-time forum postings on Front Desk now use the editor as well, rather than only replies using the editor. I plan on upgrading the forum to no longer need syntax, but hey; we'll get there.

Audio Recaptcha The Front Desk registration page includes audio verification through Recaptcha, rather than just a visual verifier.


In Progress

What I'm focusing on currently.  

Story Hit Counters About time, amirite?

Main Archive Recaptcha Upgrade You might notice the Archive's Registration page is missing its Recaptcha box. The version the site previously used has been deprecated and is no longer functional. I'll be upgrading it to the newest Recaptcha as soon as possible.

Update emails on Front Desk The update emails (new blog posts, etc.) have been disabled for a while now. I hope to have them back up and sending by next week. I'll also be taking a moment work out any quirks related to the emailing mailings (like being sent an email just to be told there were no updates to content.)

DMCA Page Important to have.

Update to 'About Us' page Going to give the About Us page a facelift, including adding the new Moderators + their bios and seperating the Moderators by duties, not alphabetically (which should make it easier for newer users to find out who they need to contact when they have an issue.)

The Dictionary I've been meaning to show the Dictionary some love. There's no better time to do it than now. Expect to see me adding some pages and content. This will likely be ongoing for a while.

Front Desk Preferences page This fix might require a bit of elbow grease. In the meantime, if you need to do any task that was related to the preferences page (changing your email, etc.), contact a Moderator and we'll handle it for you. 


What's next on the agenda.  

New Theme w/ Mobile Functionality

This is something I'm excited about. Like really.

It started off I was thinking about adding mobile functionality to Lunaescence's default skin. I mean, it's 2018. Where's Lunaescence's easy-on-the-eyes-and-doesn't-require-zooming-beceause-I'm-lazy mobile theme? While reviewing how I was going to edit the default, suddenly I thought, 'Why not make a new one?'

Lunaescence certainly deserves it, and the site would benefit from having a new theme made to reflect the advancements in web design since the creation of it's last theme.

I really want to make a single theme for Lunaescence and Front Desk, to give them both a unified, seamless look. With that in mind, I've decided to start working on a modernized, responsive theme for Lunaescence that'll have all the bells and whistles a modern site should have, including, yes, you guessed it: mobile functionality.

I'm still fleshing the design out, but hopefully I'll have something to show you all next time around.



See you all next week,