Lunaescence’s DEV Blog

Week 2: Second Edition

DIA Friday April 20, 2018

Has it been one week? Already?

Hello, Lunatics!

Pardon me for the shorter update this week. I've been a bit under the weather, but hopefully I'll be back to 100% soon. I've been prepping for finally adding to the Dictionary. The old Lunaescence Dictionary allowed entries to be linked to easily, so I've been looking at ways to incoprate this with Front Desk's.

I'm almost ready to post the new version of the 'About' page. It includes javascript, so it's going to be much more organized with an improved style.

As a notice: you may notice that most of the Sub-Category counts on the Archive read '0.' This isn't really a glitch, so don't be alarmed. I've been updating some problematic code that's responsible for a few issues on site (for example, the challenges page within categories showing up blank), and the Category counts reading 0 in some places is just a temporary side effect.

It'll return to normal very soon, and along with it, pages like the challenges page will be fixed.