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Week 3: Third Edition

Diamond April Saturday April 28, 2018

Happy Fri--err...Saturday?

I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves. What's different this week? I'm glad you asked...


  • Dictionary - I finally (finally!) decided on how I wanted to format the Dictionary. I've been debating for quite a while how I should start building it up. It was my goal to build it up in a way that made it 1), easy for you all to read, and 2), not a pain to edit. I feel the way I'm currently doing it handles both. As I say every week, I'll be working on building it up over time. It'll likely be an ongoing WIP, but one you all can help contribute to as well! Any sections anyone would like me to tackle first? I'm all ears.


  • Email Update - A lot of the automated site emails have been landing in junk mail folders. This has a lot to do with it lacking proper headers. I've made an improvement on it. The automated emails should now list the sitename in the header (as well as coming from the archive email, rather than the moderator one), decreasing the chances of emails getting miscategorized. Of course, because I can't fully control how email hosts sort the site emails, it helps to add archive@lunaescence.com to your safe senders list. At the very least though, the header being updated should help.


  • Mailing List - Just in time for May annoucements, I'll be resurrecting the site Mailing List. Plus, as an added bonus: I'll be slowly incoporating the users who've agreed to receiving the site newsletter (in their user profiles), into the list. Of course, if you're not interested in receiving the newsletter, make sure you have the newsletter option deselected in your profile.