Lunaescence’s DEV Blog

Week 5: Fourth Edition

Diamond April Saturday May 12, 2018

Happy Friday Lunatics!

Long time no see. I've been feeling as though my posts have been too short, so I intentionally skipped last week's post in favor of giving you guys a longer one this week. Hopefully it's more interesting to read.


On to the completed changes...


That pesky little issue with the Chapter Dropdown menus has been resolved. You can now skip through chapters 'til your heart's content.


Upgrade to Front Desk

Front Desk has recieved a functionality upgrade. The improvements are largely minor, but nevertheless one step closer to making Front  Desk better than ever. A good example of one of those improvements? Usernames in the site Chat Box now link to the actual user profiles.

See if you notice any other differences.


Domain Indexing

Handled an issue with Google indexing the site as though it were three separate domains. Just for reference, the site's url is https://www.lunaescence.com. If you encounter any issues with the domain not appearing as it should, you may need to clear your browser's cache.


Daily Reports

Report emails from Front Desk are now sending again, so if you've selected to receive notifications from a specific Blog (or other site content), you should receive those new content/update emails to your registered email.

Note: When Front Desk first launched, update emails were being sent by default for all newly registered users, even if there were no content changes. This has been fixed to where you will only receive emails when something changes/is updated (unless of course, you select to receive emails regardless), but if you were one of the many users to register for Front Desk not long after it was launched, you may have to manually go and change the setting in your 'My Account' area. Of course, a link to change your settings is included in every email.


Front Desk Preferences Page

The Preferences page on Front Desk (in the 'My Account' area) has been repaired. 


I went through all of the site's skins (and all of their respective files) to insure the links properly point to the https://www version of the site to minimize excessive redirects and lagging.


Some other things I've been doing...


I created a Mirror of Front Desk for me to do my upgrades on before I bring them over to the actual Front Desk. One of the things I've been working on over there was the 'Friendship Network.' In other words, a feed where you can see what users you've 'befriended' are up to.

It currently doesn't display any content over here on the actual Front Desk, but it won't stay that way for long.


Haven't forgotten about my in progress ones...

All previous in progresses (that haven't been completed) are still on the table, along with the addition of a plan to fix up the site's Social Media Pages (namely Tumblr and Reddit) and give them more consistent updates. I'll also be fixing up Front Desk, and by that I mean adding back in some code edits I did that I mistakenly overwrote (RIP).