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Week 12: Seventh Edition

Diamond April Saturday June 30, 2018

Happy Friday everyone!

I don't have a massive update this week, but I did get something done: the Beta Reader profiles have been fixed. There was a glitch in which editing your Beta Reader Profile information lead to an error. This has in fact, been fixed, so if you've been waiting to create a Beta profile or update your current one, now's your chance to.

As a continuation to the previous post, I've still been fiddling with layout creation. I have the perfect layout drafted for desktop, but am still fleshing out how I'd like the theme to look when 'shrunk' (that is, when on other, smaller devices.) One of the things I really wanted it to have was a scrolling most-recent box that always remains on top of the screen. This will likely be a desktop only feature, though could make it's way to the mobile version of the theme if I find a way to implement it in a way I like.