Akira Mokona Thursday January 31, 2019

Character: Inasa Yoarashi

Quirk: Springboard! The structure of your legs and arms allows you to jump and hit things with high force! You can also survive high falls! It won’t work in midair!

Hero Name: Ricochet

Formerly a student at Matsuyama High (a normal high school), a landslide resulted in her and her classmates continuing their studies at Shiketsu High.

To begin, I absolutely adore Inasa and the possibility of never seeing him again hurts my soul. I wasn't actually going to write for him at first, but rewatching the exam episodes changed my mind. The starting idea for Rea-tan was that I wanted someone that would admire the abilities his Quirk allows for. This became a desire to fly, which was then refined to Rea-tan having a Quirk that could almost let her fly, but not quite.

I also wanted to explore the downsides of a Hero society when it comes to funding. U.A. and Shiketsu undoubtedly get a lot of support. This leaves normal high schools with much less to work with. The Shiketsu vs Matsuyama tension also stems from this undying support of Hero culture. Non-Hero students have fallen to the wayside because they don't want to become Heroes, and are seen by many as inferior because of it.

Anyway, onto scenarios/extra info

  • Touma, the Quirkless boy from Matsuyama, becomes a younger brother figure to Rea-tan. After she saved him during the landslide, he's felt indebted to her. He ends up starting fights with Shiketsu students if they so much as look at her. It doesn't take long for him to zero in on Inasa.
  • Ichika, Rea-tan's friend, will probably become good friends with Camie.
  • If the wind ever blows at Rea-tan's Shiketsu uniform skirt, suspicion is immediately cast on Inasa. He had no part in it (this is a sweet boy with a heart of gold we're talking about). However, he will end up having a mini crisis over the temptation.
  • This Rea-tan is one of the most inexperienced with her Quirk compared to others in Kosei. Her mother's worry kept her from practicing.
  • To expand on Rea-tan's mother, she doesn't just worry about Rea-tan. She worries about everything. What if there's construction on the road by her work? What if her husband sprains his back at his desk job? What if Rea-tan starts hanging out with the 'wrong crowd'? Rea-tan has grown up with this, so she's used to it, but she has suffered because of it. It puts a lot of stress on Rea-tan because she's constantly putting out fires and talking her mom down. Rea-tan's father tries to support his wife, but she often sees his support as validation for her being so scared/worried. This will probably be the main point of contention for Rea-tan.
  • However, there are some lighthearted aspects. Rea-tan's mother insists on meeting a student from Shiketsu. She's heard about the tension between Matsuyama and Shiketsu, so she's worried that Rea-tan will be bullied (or she's heard about Inasa's interest in her and demands to meet him). Her mom is shocked that she brought home such a tall and strong boy, especially since he's rather intimidating. Poor Inasa, he's on his best behaviour even as he's bombarded with questions. It's not long into dinner that Inasa says that he likes Rea-tan's passion (which is instantly misinterpreted as intimacy). He's quick to explain, though, much to everyone's relief. To everyone's surprise, Rea-tan's mom takes quite a shine to him. She's still worried, but she sees it as a lesser of two evils (since Inasa is dead set on protecting Rea-tan and has the strength to back it up). She immediately thinks that they're dating, though. Win some, lose some.
  • Inasa is 100% the type of boy to ask for her parents' blessing before he asks Rea-tan out.
  • Her mother ends up fixating on the idea of Inasa and Rea-tan getting married when they're older. It actually becomes something that calms her down. She definitely hints at it way too much around Inasa. He doesn't pick up on it at first. When he does, oh boy, as if he wasn't locked in before.
  • Rea-tan is a bit envious of Inasa's Quirk because it lets him fly. She eventually asks him if he'll use his Quirk on her. He's a bit worried about it at first, but can't say no to her. When she's had enough, he uses the wind to bring her into his arms rather than just putting her down. The look on her face when she flies for the first time is forever burned into his memory. It makes him blush just thinking about it. He lives to see her happy.
  • He's like a big, happy guard dog. Always by her side, always protective, always turning to her excitedly and hoping that she'll give him some affection. Every time she does, he'll practically overheat.
  • He might not have used the wind to blow her skirt up, but Inasa will occasionally make the wind pick up so it gets a bit colder. As soon as Rea-tan shivers, he's at the ready with his uniform jacket. His clothes are very big on her, especially his Hero cloak.