Akira Mokona Friday February 1, 2019

Character: Katsuki Bakugo

Quirk: HP/MP+! A touch that can not only heal, but also improve Quirk output! Too bad it only works with a kiss!

Hero Name: -pending- temporary name is Rosa

The granddaughter of Recovery Girl. She wants to become a healer, but spends a bit too much time playing video games.

I'm going to be real for a second. Katsuki is one of my favourite characters. I sympathize a lot with what he's going through and the way he processes emotions. I hope that he finds happiness and self-acceptance. My spicy boy. It hurts me so much when he cries because then you know it's really, really hurting him.

So, little confession. I normally despise the whole 'Rea-tan is the relative of X character' sort of deal because it's often terribly done. It has to be reasonable in canon. No mystery sibling or child of a major character that's never been mentioned. And it can't just be mentioned in the beginning and never again. That canon character has to be involved in that Rea-tan's story. I swear if I see one more 'she's the daughter of Aizawa that lived in America' I'm going to explode. I'm not calling anyone out specifically and it can still be a great story, I just can't bring myself to get past a summary like that. Anyway, I wanted to show an example of how it can be done without compromising canon (and if it turns out that Recovery Girl's family is explained in the series, I'll eat my words).

  • Best Jeanist and Recovery Girl immediately know what's going on between Katsuki and Rea-tan. Recovery Girl is lowkey worried about her granddaughter. Best Jeanist plays against Katsuki's personality in an attempt to get him to understand his feelings. Katsuki doesn't acknowledge his feelings, but he begrudgingly agrees to visit the hospital under the reasoning that hospitals need protection from Heroes.
  • Recovery Girl doesn't really approve of Rea-tan's obsession with video games, but knows that she needs to have hobbies. She'll often encourage her to try other things.
  • Katsuki probably plays the occasional game, but he and Rea-tan don't share genres. He's more the competitive type while Rea-tan likes RPGs. He doesn't have the patience for how long RPG campaigns can be. I think one game they'd be able to bond over is a game like Monster Hunter, since they'd be able to create their own playstyles.
  • If he ever finds out about how Rea-tan named the warrior character after him in her most recent RPG, he's going to buy the game and play through the entire thing in secret. The other students with rooms close to him in the dorms (especially Eijiro), will occasionally hear him yelling at the game (either over a boss or a warriorxhealer moment). He'll vehemently deny ever playing it.
  • Since U.A. doesn't have a specific healer course, I figure that they have specific schools for healing Heroes. The first year is a general course. Second and third year are divided into categories like surgical, pathology/pharmacology, trauma, etc. Rea-tan would probably stay in the general healing course in year two and three.
  • Izuku is the first person to suggest that Katsuki has a crush on Rea-tan. The look Katsuki gives him in response is downright murderous. The poor guy even tries to help Katsuki by trying to show Rea-tan his more likeable qualities. Unfortunately, Katsuki's confidence is a fragile thing. As soon as he sees Izuku talking to Rea-tan, he's storming over and pushing them apart. He'll never admit that he's worried she'll be interested in someone else, but it keeps him up at night.
  • Rea-tan does manage to translate most of his anger/frustration into what he's really trying to do. For example, him complaining about her playing games too late is his attempt at getting her to adopt a proper sleep schedule. He does care about people, he's just very adverse to showing weakness.
  • Oh boy, does he like to brag though. He'll brag even if she isn't around, but it's turned up to 12 when she is (he's usually an 11 anyway). He totally thrives when he's got her attention.
  • His mom also knows what's going on. She'll never hesitate in teasing him about it. She's also the one that will shriek at him if she catches him being anywhere close to mean to Rea-tan. "Don't be rude to your girlfriend, Katsuki!" "She's not my girlfriend, you hag!" She treats Rea-tan like the daughter she's never had. She's totally the type that will tell embarrassing stories about little Kacchan, though she does offer a good tidbit from time to time (like how Katsuki likes spicy food).
  • Katsuki the kabedon king. It's a habit that will last until the end of time.
  • Rea-tan's Hero costume is based off of the White Mage costume from Final Fantasy and other RPGs.
  • She frequents conventions and often goes in some sort of costume. She actually invites Katsuki to one of them after her friend has to cancel. Katsuki doesn't have a costume and refuses to wear one (especially since Rea-tan dresses as the healer from her RPG and that would mean that Katsuki would dress as the warrior). He keeps her from spending too much money. While she's busy fawning over something at the convention, he's usually glaring daggers at anyone eying her. He's incredibly jealous whenever she fangirls over a guy in costume, especially when another convention attendee is dressed as the RPG warrior and she asks for a picture (Katsuki refuses to take the picture for them). Katsuki doesn't get her obsession as a whole, especially when everything is so expensive. Rea-tan finds some figurines of the RPG characters and laments that she doesn't have enough money to buy one. When her birthday rolls around, you can guess who gives her the healer and warrior figurines as a gift (though he insists that his mother forced him to get something for her).

Here's some extra info regarding Rea-tan and her cousin (the character from Drain, who I'll refer to as Rydia)

  • Rydia was the one who got her into RPGs in the first place. It cemented their bond with each other. A part of why Rea-tan plays games so much is because misses her cousin. It's also because of their mutual love of games that they refer to each other as Rosa and Rydia (both characters from Final Fantasy IV).
  • Rea-tan idolized Rydia in her younger days. No one really explained to her why Rydia suddenly left. The only one who has given her any sort of answer was Recovery Girl (she explained that Rydia was in a lot of pain and left because of it). Rea-tan has always wondered where Rydia went and misses her deeply.
  • The reunion between them is painful, since Rydia is discovered to be working with the League of Villains. Rea-tan insists that she's there by force and begs any Pro-Hero that will listen to save Rydia. Rydia's bitter rejection to Rea-tan asking her to come back is extremely painful, but she still believes that Rydia shouldn't suffer because of her role in the League.
  • If Rydia is ever brought into custody, Rea-tan will be heartbroken when she refuses to speak to her and asks to be freed.
  • In the end, they have different ideals. Rea-tan doesn't know of the full extent of what Rydia experienced until she finds out the true nature of Rydia's Quirk. She still hopes that Rydia can find peace with their family and her Quirk.
  • Doesn't understand Rydia's feelings for Tomura at all. It's not until she sees them reunited (or Rydia talks about it at length) that she understands. She still doesn't support it because of his Villain status, though.